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Twitter starting a new feature for the web app to let users schedule tweets

It’s been only 2 days that Twitter has announced that they are rolling out a new experimental feature for scheduling their tweets. Users of Twitter will be able to schedule their tweets from the web app of twitter. This new feature from Twitter will be really handy for prepping the tweets for various uses such as coordinating for the product of a launch or making a news announcement.

This feature for scheduling tweets was not something officially available on Twitter before. In order to sue this type of scheduling, users needed to use apps like TweetDeck or some other third-party service such as the Buffer.

For those of you who are now part of this experimental feature, you will be able to make a tweet schedule from your composed window. Below is the video as to how this process of scheduling tweets will work. The process for scheduling tweets seems really simple and easy.

As for how many people are a part of the test from Twitter for this experimental feature, it is still not clear. Also, Twitter only said that they are experimenting with this new feature at the moment and it is not known when this feature will be available for all of the Twitter users. We do hope that Twitter is going to roll out this feature of scheduling tweets in a broad manner and also bring this feature on its mobile apps too.

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