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Tyler “Ninja” Blevins Net Worth, Bio, Family, In 2021

Tyler Blevins

Tyler Blevins also more commonly known by his nickname Ninja is one of the American gamers and internet celebrities. Ninja’s net worth is around 25 million dollars and all of this net worth has been accumulated by him from his career as a gamer. Tyler Blevins is better known for playing one of the widely played online games “Fortnite”. During his long career of internet gaming and sharing videos of his gameplays, he has amassed nearly 23.9 million subscribers on his YouTube channel with a total view count of 481 million views. As for his followers on Twitch, they are around 14.6 million with a view count of 481 million views. With a monthly subscription fee of around 5 dollars per subscriber, Tyler Blevins aka Ninja earns around 500K to 1 million dollars solely from his career of playing games over the internet.

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Back in June of 2018, Ninja signed a partnership deal with the energy drink giant Redbull Esports. After that, he was the first-ever Esports player in the world that had its face on the cover of the renowned “ESPN The Magazine”. Back in August of 2019, Ninja announced to his subscribers of Twitch that he was leaving the platform and is switching over to Mixer; a platform like Twitch by Microsoft. At that time, the channel of Ninja on Twitch was one of the most followed ones.

Personal Life:

The real name of Tyler Blevins is Trichardt Tyler Blevins who was born in Detroit, Michigan, USA back on 5th June 1991. His family later moved to Grayslake, Illinois; where he grew up alongside his elder brothers named Chris and John. The names of Tyler Blevins’ parents are Cynthia and Hauk Blevins. Both of his parents have Welsh ancestry and it was Chuck that introduced Ninja to games at an early age. He attended the Grayslake Central High School where he played soccer and also worked part-time at a company named ‘noodles & Company”. It was around his time of attending the Silver Lake College in Wisconsin that Tyler Blevins started participating in video game competitive tournaments and also joined in many gaming organizations whilst doing live streams of his own gameplays.

Professional Gaming Career:

  • It was in 2009 when Tyler Blevins first started his professional career as a video game player. He started by playing Halo 3 online. At the time, he was playing for organizations like Cloud9, TeamLiquid, and Renegades.
  • He started his online streaming career back in 2011 with games like PUBG (Player Unknown’s battleground) and HIZI.
  • It was in 2017, that Blevins joined up with Luminosity Gaming to play games like HIZI, PUBG, and halo. There, he won the classification of PUBG Gamescom Invitational Squads. Twitch made him popular when started playing Fortnite Battle Royal as he gained 1.5 million subscribers within a year. His live stream match with other players like Travis Scott, Juju Smith, and Drake was watched by over 635K people, which was a record at the time.
  • This live stream match led to Epic Games started a gamer plus celebrity game contest at their E3 in 2018. Ninja was paired with Marshmallow and they won the event for Fortnite Battle Royale. That match was also live-streamed with 667K people watching it.
  • Back in 2018, Ninja partnered up with Red Bull Esports to participate in their Red Bull Rise Till Dawn Fortnite event held in Chicago. In that year, Ninja says he made 10 million dollars. Epic Games added a cosmetic skin of Ninja to the Fortnite game in his honor.
  • As per sources, Epic Games paid Ninja around 1 million dollars for simply promoting the game titled “Apex Legends”.
  • Ninja left Twitch back in 2019 and joined Microsoft’s Mixer in 2020 before it too was shut down.
  • Following that, Ninja started uploading videos of his gameplay on YouTube and now he earns a sum of50k to 1 million dollars from his channel alone.
  • As for his TV appearances, Tyler Blevins and his entire family were invited to Family Feud back in 2015. They competed for the Celebrity Family Feud event.
  • He also released his album in 2018 which contained electronic music from musicians like Nero, Tycho, and Alesso.
  • He also made an appearance in a TV ad played during Super Bowl. The ad was titled The 100 year game of NFL.
  • Ninja also released his book by the title “Get Good: My Ultimate Guide to Gaming”.


  • There is a rule of Tyler Blevins and that is he won’t play with female gamers even online. This is so he can protect his marriage life from any vile rumors.
  • Back in 2018, Blevins was banned for 48 hours from his Twitch channel after he posted the address of a donor that made a racist donation message. He also posted that donor’s screen name.
  • Back in 2018, Blevins also had a racial slur during a rapping song amidst his stream. He later apologized for that mistake.
  • He is married to a fellow gamer named Jessica Goch. They both met each other during a 2010 Halo tournament and started dating in 2013. They eventually married each other in 2017 and Goch now goes by the name jess Blevins. Jess is not only her husband’s manager but also a widely known streamer with 224k subscribers on YouTube and 500k subscribers on Twitch.
  • In 2018, at the Streamy Awards, Blevins won the Gaming and Live Streamer. In 2019, he again won this award and was also crowned at the Shorty Awards as the Twitch Streamer of the Year.
  • He was added to the world’s 100 most influential people in 2018 list by Time magazine.

Net Worth:

As we have already told you that Tyler Blevins is one of the world-renowned online gamers and streamers. His net worth is somewhere from 20 to 30 million dollars.

Most of this net worth was made by him from winning many gaming events. As of this year, he has a YouTube channel with over 24 million subscribers. He has a fee of 5 dollars per subscriber allowing him to earn 500k to 1 million dollars each month.

He also owns a 6700 square feet mansion located in the suburbs of Chicago. This is a 5-bedroom mansion that also has a theater and a game room.

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