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Tyrion Lannister From GoT has a lookalike in Pakistan

Rozi Khan is the 24 years old waiter living in the city of Rawalpindi, Pakistan who in his life never heard about the famed TV show Game of Thrones. However, he was a little perplexed when many people suddenly started asking him for photos. Rozi Khan did not know that he very much looked like the famous character from GoT; Tyrion Lannister played by famed actor Peter Dinklage.

Rozi Khan told media, “I do not mind people taking pictures. A lot of pictures have been taken of me and that is why I have become very famous. All across the Rawalpindi, wherever I go, people ask from me to take pictures with them.”

The reason for people taking the picture is because both Rozi Khan and Peter Dinklage share a contrasting resemblance with each other. That’s not all; even both of them have the same height of 4 feet 5 inches.

As for the restaurant where Khan currently works has seen a sudden increase in its business. People come from everywhere to take pictures with Rozi Khan. One customer of the restaurant said, “When I saw him, I got very excited. It felt as if I had met with a real Lannister in my lifetime.”

Rawalpindi which is mostly called Pindi by locals is the 4th largest city of the country and is famous for its Desi foods. The restaurant where Khan works serves delicious Desi delights such as Qeema, Taka Tak, Kebabs, Vegetable and much more. All of this with a very tasty Chai (tea).

Finishing with saying that the last season of Game of Thrones is going to air out on April 14th. So get ready for a thrilling time as you are going to likely hear about the season in the coming few weeks. As for the character Tyrion Lannister, it is rumored that his role will be the biggest in the series.

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