Uber presents the ‘Quiet Mode’ for riders who don’t like to engage in conversation with their drivers

Quiet Mode, this is one new way that Uber has decided to present to its users who want to politely say to their drivers to please stop talking.

From Tuesday evening, Uber presented its users with a new preference on its rides by the name “Quiet Mode”. Currently, the service has been enabled across the US on all of its Premium Uber rides. This means that the service is currently available on it’s Uber Black SUV and Uber Black rides. This is the first time ever that such a feature has been made available on the Uber app.

With this new service on only Uber Premium rides, the customers will be presented a set of preferences on their mobile app from where they can easily select one.

For a long time, Riders have been asking Uber to come up with something like the Quiet Mode for when they do not like to engage in conversation with their drivers. With the new Uber Quiet Mode, riders will now be able to select a no preference which means Quiet Preferred. Or if they like to engage in some light conversation, they can also select the conversation level of their preference.

Other preferences:-

In addition to conversation preference, riders can also select for a Temperature preference as well as a request for helping with their luggage.

Wait, hold on, this is not all, Uber has also decided to add in the extended pickup time along with live phone call support for its premium riders.

Lyft’s Zen Mode:-

Last year, Lyft added one such similar mode in their cars by the name Zen Mode and riders are now asking for this option in all of the Lyft’s ride instead of being available in premium rides. As for, will Lyft add the Zen Mode in all of its rides, it is still not clear.

It seems that everyone who sues these ride-hailing services, they prefer awkward silence rather than to engage with a chatty stranger.

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