Uber will kick off unruly riders with low passenger ratings

Uber drivers that receive low rating form riders will get deactivated from the platform of Uber. While this was the old pattern, now those passengers that also get the below five-star rating from their drivers, they will also get the same treatment.

The feature has already been rolled out in countries such as Australia, India and New Zealand. So what out ridesharers in US and Canada, you might be the next to get banned. This new rule has been started off by Uber as a part of their effort to make the Uber rides safer and respectful for both riders and drivers.  The feature was activated on Wednesday and the unruly passengers will lose their access to their Uber app.

The service currently varies from city to city but is similar to the treatment of drivers. If the rating of any rider falls below an average minimum rating set by Uber, they will be ousted from the platform. once out, they will not be able to make pickups or requests.

One spokesperson of Uber assured, “this new feature is only going affect a rather small percentile of riders. In addition to this, he also stated that for those who are at risk of getting booted they will receive many fair warnings as well as tips to improve their ratings.

How to Check the Uber rating of rider:-

In order for a rider to check his or her rating, they should open their Uber app on their smartphone and click on the top-left part of the menu.

Under the name of the user, there is a star rating that goes up to 5.0.

A rider can also learn more about Uber’s new policy to increase a rider’s likelihood of getting 5 stars after their every ride.

As for the threat of deactivation, it is only a step to encourage riders to make their own rides better instead of consistently behaving poorly towards drivers as well as leaving trash behind, prompting the driver to run the red lights or over speed or use vulgar language during the ride.

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