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Unexpected and Funny Things That Have Ever Happened In the Hospital

We rarely look forward to visiting the hospital. When I hear something about the place, it usually reminds me that people get sick and bad things happen to them. But that doesn’t mean they lose hope! Or their sense of humor.

We have today collected a list of amusing images to prove that the hospital can be a fun place too. From doctors who probably have a Ph.D. in trolling to patients who are taking it rather well, scroll down to check out the fun.

Hung next to the weighing scale at some hospital


The actual definition of word ‘nurse’


A brother came to see his brother who just got his leg amputated

leg amputated

Gotta admit no one can stop themselves

Gotta admit

A husband of a patient with the life-threatening illness snuck in her pet ducks at night into the hospital


Outside of children’s hospital in Los Angeles

childrens hospital

The best hospital prank ever

hospital prank

This after-hours clinic has got jokes 


This was on the wall at the blood test lab

blood test lab

This guy and his shirt


Leech jailbreaking the hell out of this joint


These removed fish hooks at a local ER

local ER

Comforting to see in a doctor’s office


I think I have found the worst game ever

worst game ever

He is taking it rather well


A friend had an allergic reaction and took a hospital selfie


Pain scale found in a doctor’s office

Pain scale

I got a laser eye surgery I should have the laser eye powers by now

eye surgery

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