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Unexpected yet beneficial uses for Green Tea and Matcha

Green Tea originated from Japan and is widely popular in the Japanese culture. Over the years, this miracle herbal tea has been widely known all over the world due to its health effects and its simplicity in preparation.

It might come as a surprise to you that Green Tea has many other uses besides being a tasty drink. You can not only use the Matcha powder or tea bags to sip the refreshing detoxing drink but can also use them to help prevent skin problems, fix your nails or even improve your garden.

Today we have collected a bunch of most surprising uses of Green Tea that you should definitely give a try.

So scroll down to look at these unexpected yet beneficial uses for Green Tea and Matcha.

Soothe sunburns and other skin irritations

Soothe sunburns

Green tea contains properties that help with inflammation, people afflicted with sunburns just need to soak a clean piece of cloth in some cooled green tea and apply it to the burnt area.

Fix broken nails using the bag

broken nails

Apply a base coat to the crack in the nail and the tea bag can help soak up any excess. This trick can help fuse the nail back together.

Cleaning grease off dirty dishes

dirty dishes

Used Green Tea bags can be used to remove grease off of dirty dishes. They are basically little sponges!

Add to your cleaning water for a boost

You can add Green Tea to your mop water when cleaning wooden floors. You can also use cooled tea to clean furniture. You can even put it in a spray bottle to clean glass.

Make a base for your potpourri


Use the green tea leaves as a base to make a potpourri. Just add whatever dried herbs, flowers, and oils you like to it.

Helping your compost heap


As long as the cloth it is stored in is biodegradable, green tea bags can also be used to help your everyday compost heap.

Saving your plants from overhydrating


Green tea bags can also help to absorb water if placed at the bottom of your soil, meaning that plants will be protected from excess moisture and overall moisture will be more efficiently redistributed over time.

Make your own mouthwash.


You can use green tea to make your own homemade mouthwash.

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