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Unintentionally Hilarious Times Kids Ruined Family Portraits

The Internet’s love affair with awkward family photos will never die, and most of this awkwardness stems from kids ruining pictures. Getting a kid to sit still for anything remains pretty difficult, but when they know a family portrait is about to be taken, it’s near impossible. Luckily for you and the rest of the wandering Internet, kids ruining photos leads to an entirely different pieces of photography that may not be what was intended but are definitely what is important.

Whether it’s crying, screaming, or vomiting, this gallery of kids ruining family portraits has it all. Even included are some awkward redneck family photos to show you that any photo, rural or urban, can be ruined by the wonder of children. And if you don’t have kids, this will make you stock up on all forms of birth control immediately.

I Have Exorcised The Demons!

Fountain of Youth

The sign says “joy.”

That was unexpected!

Happy Father

Dad’s Laughing, Mom’s Catching the Poop and Dog’s Face Explains It All

Inverted child!

You’ve got Angry Kid, Crying Kid, and Nose-Picking Kid

Get away you are ruining the picture

Bleerrrghhh…Jeez Mom and Dad

Baby Psycho

Just Shoot Me

Let It Pee

My Name Is Hurl

Caught In The Middle

The Crying Game

Baby Photoshoot Gone Wrong

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