Unique hotels in the world

Travelling for a vacation or a business is fun as you not only get to travel the foreign places but also get to live in various hotels. Most of the hotels follow the same traditional boring décor scheme. However there are some of the very unique hotels in the world which will make you feel astonished and amazed at the same time with their out of the box décor thinking. Some of the unique hotels in the world are as follows.

Golden Crown Levin Iglut, Levi, Finland

This hotel offers room in igloo style with glass windows in front for enjoying the marvelous view of the Northern Lights. The hotel is a must visit destination for romantic couples but families can also get to enjoy this wondrous natural phenomena. Resort is located six miles from the nearby town called Levi in Finland. These igloos shaped room are equipped with one kitchen stocked with food supplies, a bathroom with hot water supply round the year and a double bed that comes with adjustable headrests for the optimum viewing experience of Aurora Borealis.

Golden Crown Levin Iglut

Book and Bed Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan

The hotel is especially designed for the book lovers. Each of the room looks like a section of a bookstore. Want to get down and relax, juts slide open a bookshelf and lay down on a cozy bed. The room is filled with 30 stacked bookshelves containing 3000 books of both English and Japanese titles. No joint bathrooms are available you have to share them with everybody else in hotel. This is actually more of a hostel than hotel and the rent is also very low as low as 35 dollars a night.

Book and Bed Tokyo

Palacio de Sal, Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Many of the travel aficionados are aware of the ice hotels around the globe but this hotel has taken a step further by making use of the Salt from salt flats of Salar De Uyuni and creating the world’s first ever slat luxury hotel in Bolivian Desert. Hotel boasts an amazing cover area of 48500 square feet and ranging from furniture to building structure, everything here is made from salt. Only floors are made from wood and bathrooms have titles apart from that, bed platforms and even armchairs are made from slat. For the soothing f eyes, the dining room windows present a spectacular view of the Salt Flats. The scenic beauty is enhanced by multitudes when the night falls and the sky gets covered with stars.

Palacio de Sal

Treehouse Lodge Resort, Iquitos, Peru

This hotel is located in the middle of the Peruvian Amazon rain forest. To get here is an adventure in its own self as you have to not only get a  boat ride from Iquitos first but after reaching the resort you must make a climb of 64 feet to reach the tree house themed individual rooms. These structures are 18 feet in diameter with bathrooms located on lower floors. To meet other guests, suspended walkways from each tree house goes towards a common tree house lounge where you can also dine in. hotel provides Peruvian style gourmet dishes for its guests.

Treehouse Lodge Resort

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