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Unique Services from Unique Hotels to make their Guests Feel Like at Home

Most of us on our travel plans look for a hotel. To find the perfect hotel for our stay, we tend to look at their ratings, locations and most importantly the price of the room. Still, the level of comfort cannot be confirmed by these simple criteria. Some hotels have gone a little step ahead to provide comfort to their guests on their stay with little yet unexpected services.

Today we present to our readers some unique services from unique hotels to make their guests feel like at home.

This hotel offers its guest to rent a puppy if they feel lonely on their visit

The shower heads in this hotel have a built-in temperature to let the guest know the exact water temperature

For those in need of a nostalgic atmosphere in their room, the hotel offers a record player

This hotel likes to make its guest worry free like a kid with their Slides instead of stairs

This Hotel in Tokyo city lets their guest know about the weather forecasts to adjust their travel plans

The doorbell at this hotel room makes it feel like at home

For those who don’t like animals, this hotel lets you take a pet plant to your room

This hotel and its room service is meant for Pizza Lovers

Some people don’t feel like taking shower unless there is a rubber ducky, this hotel is aware of this all too well

Who needs a nap? You do, go take one in the indoor dining hall hammock

The mirrors in this hotel are anti-fogging right in the middle

I don’t see the need for it, but still Kudos

For those who want to be updated with the current affairs, TVs in bathroom mirrors

Robot waiter delivering water to guests, don’t worry about tipping this waiter

Trouble sleeping, call 68 for bedtime stories

This hotel offers balcony bathtubs for its guests

Make use of the 3D pancake printer at this hotel to make yourselves a great breakfast

Hotel lets guests take these phones out; it comes with unlimited free calls and mobile data

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