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Unique Things From South Korea That Every Country Should Adopt

Some of the things in daily life of South Korea actually surprise and amaze the tourists. For example a person cannot occupy even an empty eat reserved for pregnant ladies or you can also find shot pillows on Korean buses.

Today we have compiled a list of various South Korean things that after seeing you’d be like “I wish they were in our country”.

So scroll down to look at these unique things from South Korea that every country should adopt.

People prefer standing inside a train to sitting on an empty seat allocated for a pregnant lady

pregnant lady

A playful metro entry for the kids in Seoul, Korea


Convenient mother and child toilets

child toilets

In South Korea, instead of cups at water dispensers, there are little paper bags

water dispensers

On a rainy day or a sunny one, you can see huge umbrellas on crosswalks to protect people while they’re waiting for a green light


There are plastic finger covers to eat chips with in Korea

plastic finger covers

Koreans are very careful about their own cars and the cars of others. That’s why they use door guards.

door guards

A person can buy socks through vending machines in Korea…

vending machine

You can also buy flowers through a vending machine


There are dog lockers in South Korea. Drop your furry friend off while you go shopping

dog lockers

Koreans know a little something about saving space, this is how their parking lots often look like

parking lots

They have parking places for women in Seoul. They are often wider, longer, and are located closer to the shopping mall entrance for safety and convenience reasons.

parking places

A parking lot for baby strollers

baby strollers

In Korea, they have bars of soap on sticks next to the sinks. Would you rather have soap like this at home?


Koreans are fond of candy floss, you can buy it everywhere

candy floss

To reduce the number of injuries in public transport, Korean authorities decided to equip buses with special pillows for napping.

special pillows public transport

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