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Unusual Uses of Duct tape

They say if you can’t fix anything with duct tape then you are simply not using enough duct tape. Since its invention for the bloody and violent times of battlefields in World War 2 it has been used for number of things that need fixing even today. With its uniqueness t has easily gained the rank of one of the most helpful and interesting inventions of humankind.

However the list of our today contains a bunch of pictures that shows a little too creative side of using duct tape that can be called unorthodox or unusual. The things that the duct tape has been used in these following pictures are sure to make you laugh at occasions while at other times to make you wonder who has the bright brain of thinking something like that. Take a look for yourself at these wondrous unusual uses of duct tape down below.

For those who are troubled with their things getting slipping out of their wallets

A cool way for a proposal; duct Tape Rose

Another bright idea to add a few extra refrigerator shelves

Simply duct tape the baby to the wall and kick back for the rest of evening

Especially for Super Spies to get their wall walking action sequence going

Why waste money on sandals when you can make one with Duct Tape

A great way to pimp your ride; just use duct tape

Need new mailbox? Get creative and use duct tape

Make a perfect girdle for the Prom

Duct Tape fixing broken airplanes since the beginning

Broken Zipper Crisis Averted; Thank You Duct Tape

Duct Tape Hands Free

Cool idea for a Party

Doing the impossible

DIY Bra; Just a little duct tape and Viola

How to make your friends stick together forever

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