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Unusually amazing photos that world was not expecting to see

Have you ever seen snow in Africa, a pumpkin that is so huge that you can live in it, or a horizontal rainbow? Some people have managed to see and even capture these unusual phenomena. Just have a look at the photos below!

We have collected pictures proving that the impossible is possible.

So scroll down to look for yourself at these unusual amazing photos that world was not expecting to see.

One day it suddenly started snowing in Africa; here is your proof

snowing in Africa

This leaf lost its pigment after being submerged in the pool for too long


Water reflecting in the trampoline makes it look invisible

Water reflection

British shorthair cat with 2 faces

two face cat

This huge pumpkin will not burst under the whole family’s weight

huge pumpkin

A palm tree and an oak tree grew together while one warped around the other

palm tree

This is a purple potato. It tastes the same as a normal potato but looks like the universe

purple potato

Catalpa leaf is one of the largest leaves in the world

When winter comes without knocking your door

winter is coming

One of a kind halo effect of a rainbow in Brazil


This is what A tree struck by lightning looks like from inside

lightning tree

The Cactus that is going to conquer the world


This Narrow house; what does it look like from inside?

Narrow house

Back in 1916, in Germany, you were allowed to have a picture of you and your dog in your passport


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