Verystream shut down: Alternatives sites like Streaming and Openload also not accessible

Verystream is no longer working:-

Its alternative sites like Streamango and Openload are also closed by the authorities under the copyright infringement law.

For internet users, who have been using illegal and free steaming services for watching their favorite TV shows and movies have been closed down. Even the site named Verystream is closed and no longer is accessible.

When a user tries to reach the homepage for the Verystream site, they get the screen with the message “Cannot Reach the Site”.

People first thought that this error might have been due to the overload on the site’s server as it was linked with 2 other well known and massive illegal streaming sites. However, now it is confirmed that the site Verystream is permanently closed down like its two other sites. These sites were shut down after the authorities saw a massive amount of content in form of TV shows and movies on them without having any rights.

Due to this, in a matter of few hours, 3 of the world’s biggest free video hosting sites have been shut down. This leaves all those millions of users that love to watch movies and TV shows for free looking for another source.

This should be of notice that this illegal video streaming is not only affecting the industry in Italy but also across the world. The shutdown operation for Verystream and its two other sites was carried out by the ACE, which is an international association fighting to prevent audiovisual piracy. They, by closing down these massive sites sharing TV shows and movie links, have decided to end this once and for all. Still, the servers of the sites where all this content is placed are loaded.

Now shutting down has resulted in that all of the links for movies and TV shows on sites like Verystream, Streamango, and Openload to not be accessible. All their data will now be moved onto other such free video streaming sites.

Alternatives for Verystream, Streamango, and Openload:-

Fortunately for free users of these sites, there are still plenty of alternative sites. Some of them are as follows.

  • Mixdrop
  • Supervideo
  • WStream
  • Nowvideo

This is just the tip of the iceberg which consists of countless such sites. Now with the closure of these 3 massive sites, there will now be more than ever such free video portals coming on the internet in the few upcoming months.

In simple words, even with these 3 sites shut down, people still have access to many other alternative sites for watching free TV shows & movies.

But this problem of sites closing down has led to the renowned Italian movie and TV streaming sites without ay content. This means that the sites like AltaDefinizone and Genius Streaming; all had their links shared on the portals like Verystream. Now with these illegal sites closed down, these previously mentioned and renowned Italian sites have a vast number of links for TV series and videos that don’t seem to work.

This causes for Italian users to wait for all the content to be reloaded onto other video streaming and hosting portals like Verystream. But this is going to take a lot of time as all the sites in not only Italy but also in the world relied primarily on Openload, Verystream, and Streamango.

Are other free video hosting and streaming sites going to be shut down?

The answer to this question still remains unknown. However, there is a greater likelihood of ACE; the international association fighting to protect the rights of the film and TV series producers will take the necessary legal actions to close other such sites.

We also are aware that sites like Openload, Verystream, and Streamango were not started for hosting TV shows and movies or streaming them illegally but to allow the users to upload their own videos of any content type. This would allow them to get rewards based on the content added and views on it.

It is simple to understand that when the video uploading sites like these do not control the users for uploading content, the users then start to upload the files that are under copyright protection like TV series and movies. This is because such content results in a large number of views and then in money from all the advertisement that pop-up before, during, or after watching the content.

All of this resulted in sites like these to be crammed up with content consisting mainly of TV series and movies, which were then shared across the internet illegally.

The one thing we are sure about is that at this moment, Verystream, Streamango, and Openload are now no longer accessible in Italy as well as across the world.

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