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Weird yet surprisingly helpful life hacks that actually work

People in this modern life want an easy solution to everything and they certainly do love their hacks.

Ordinary people turn to their imagination to simplify their problems and in the aftermath give birth to some really cool inventions. There are literally hundreds of thousands of useful tips and hacks for men and women, for builders to game players and many others. So check out our list of incredible hacks today.

We have collected a bunch of useful life hacks that have originated from the minds of lazy yet creative geniuses.

So scroll down to look at this list of weird yet surprisingly helpful life hacks that actually work.

For those who want to protect nature from nature; your cat won’t be able to destroy your flowers anymore


This is for the gamers; Use a fork or 2 as a laptop cooling pad


If the sink is too small, use a scoop


Binder clips are useful to squeeze as much toothpaste as possible


For the ladies only; Use a magnetic strip in a drawer to not lose your bobby pins

magnetic strip

For chefs; Defrost frozen items in a microwave and finish in a toaster for a quick, crunchy oven taste. It works great on nuggets and breaded items

Defrost frozen

Use regular thread to make an ornamental flowerpot


Don’t have any pound coins for your trolley shopping? Use your house key instead

trolley shopping

A pan with hot water will replace an iron

pan iron

To carry your soup from one place to another, use rubber bands


To not confuse left and right earphones, paint them in different colors of your choice


A phone holder made from a hair tie

phone holder

Now go on vacations without any worry about watering your plants


Every cob should come with these skewers


Especially For lazybones; A Christmas tree hanging on a wall that won’t take much time or effort


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