Weirdest Celebrity Pastimes

Everyone has their own unique way to pass their spare time some take up gardening some revert to coin collection or even stamp collecting. However some of the celebrities have taken up really weird pastime hobbies and some of these are as follows.

George Clooney Makes Shoes

George Clooney once in an interview revealed that “I am a cobbler and I like to make shoes”. According to him he is even better cobbler than the renowned Danny Day-Lewis.

George Clooney

Jared Leto Dresses Women clothing

According to Jared Leto himself, that after performing the role of a transgender in the Dallas Buyer’s Club Movie, he started to like wearing the fishnet clothing and high heels as part of his daily routine. He got so immersed in role that he even went grocery shopping in it and had intention of wearing it on Oscars too. He later did a photo shoot for Candy magazine in this clothing as well.

Jared Leto

Bill Murray Shows Up Everywhere

Bill Murray is simply the legend of comedic world. What more he does it in a natural way. Bill Murray like his iconic comedy style has a weird hobby and that is to show up at literally anywhere ranging from bachelor parties to engagement parties and even on house warming parties of ordinary people. If you want to look at all the records of his unexpected visit you can find it on a website called Billy Murray Stories.

Bill Murray

Nicolas Cage Collects Just About Everything

Nicholas Cage has not been in the limelight in previous few years and that might be because of his bizarre hobby of collecting near about everything. He has the hobby of collecting nearly anything and that includes exotic animals like alligators, sharks, king cobra along with a lavish tomb at ST. Louis Cemetery in New Orleans. Other than that he also loves to collect expensive cars and motorcycles. He has a collection of nine Rolls Royce along with other luxury cars, 30 luxury motorcycles, one haunted mansion and he even holds a private island in his collection.

Nicolas Cage

Drake Is a Basketball Star

Drake he notorious rapper has been known to be friends of various NBA players and attends the famous events on regular basis. However many f is fans might not kn0w that Drake is actually quite a self obsessed basketball player himself. According to rapper Ninja, he and Kayne West played a friendly game of basketball with Drake but he took it little too seriously and went on to be in full basketball gear. Drake also records these private games and spends hours editing his own videos making cool shots of himself.


Norman Reedus Collects Breast Implants

Being an actor of a crazy show like The Walking Dead, a weird hobby is definitely expected from Norman Reedus. However his fans are much crazier than he is. One of his fans sent him her breast implants which the Norman took as a prized possession. He adored it so much that he soon got the sister implants of this one piece of implants and even went on to say that “I Like to collect more breast implants”.

Norman Reedus

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