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Weirdest Shoes That Will Leave You Absolutely Speechless

Nobody will dare to argue that fashion tends to get weird sometimes. From Haute couture to simply unexpected trends, the fashion world is full of surprises.

Well, lucky for us, this Instagram account is here to gather the most unwearable pieces of feet fashion out there. Eccentric, odd and some even gross – these shoes will not leave anyone indifferent.

Take a look at some of these ‘masterpieces’ below.

Vietnam´s Copy of Stella McCartney’s platform shoes

Teach your baby to dance

Levi struts

These are ‘going out shoes’ for centaurs

These shoes are good for giving The Finger

Literal Horse Shoe

Are you coming or going?

Dream of all girls…Shoes with emergency makeup kit

Well Why Not?

A true stroke of genius

100% Eco friendly shoes

The saying ‘break a leg’ gives this a whole new meaning…Literally!

This is certainly a good idea

Shoes + Pants: Shants

Make Shoes Great Again

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