WeWalk is the ‘Smart Cane’ invented by a Blind Engineer To Help Navigate Blind People Using Google Maps

With the help of technological advancements these days, many of the ordinal things have been reinvented and they work much better than the original design. The power of technology does not seem to surprise the world anymore. Although the majority of the new technological inventions are advancements made for the sake of entertainment, they are still many which are made to help people. Some of these inventions have actually been rebuilt to help those who have disabilities.

Talking about such inventions, a walking cane for blind people have been invented which has been named as WeWalk. This cane helps blind people by navigating them through their surroundings with efficiency when they are on the streets all alone.

This cane is the invention by a young engineer named Kursat Ceylan who also happens to be visually impaired. Kursat Ceylan is also the CEO and the founder of the YGA (Young guru Academy) which is the non-profit organization in Turkey behind the creation of WeWalk. As Ceylan is blind too, he knows what challenges do blind people suffer from and that compelled him to invent something that can improve the lives of such people.

Ceylan told in an interview to CNN, “In these modern times, we are all talking about creating flying cars, but all these people are left with are the plain old walking sticks. As I am a blind person and I am at the local Metro Station, I do not know where my exit is. I also don’t know which bus is going to arrive at the station or which stores are near me. Now, all that kind of information can be provided with the help of WeWalk.”

This smart cane is using the smart technologies which most of us fit people use every day but they are now helping the blind people.

The cane comes equipped with not only built-in speakers, but also the Google Voice assistant and few sensors that work by sending vibrations to warn the blind people about obstacles which are above their chest level.

This smart cane is available for purchase on the official website of the company for a sum of 500 dollars.

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