What to do if you are harassed by Lyft or Uber driver

The safety issues with the ride-hailing apps have become harder to deal with in light of a recent story by a Lyft’s female customer who was harassed by her driver. However, as a passenger, these ride-hailing services offers a variety of ways for the passenger to choose before or after their bad ride.

Safety measures:-

Firstly, if anything goes horribly wrong and life-threatening in your ride, then you must immediately call the police on your mobile phone. Uber, for this purpose, has a safety center within the app and has a dedicated 911 number on it. One other safety feature, which Uber has installed last year, is a dedicated contact list. On this contact list, you can add your friends and family and in case of any life-threatening ride experience, you can notify them about your situation instantly.

For those passengers who do not want the police to get involved in all the mess you experience, then the next thing you can do is to let the company know about it directly.

After a Lyft ride, the passenger can use the Get Help section in the app and report about the bad behavior of the driver.  The passenger who underwent massive driver harassment got in touch with the 24/7 security team of Lyft. This option is always available on Lyft’s website even during the ride.

Do not worry about your privacy because the service makes sure that your account will never be matched with the driver in the future that you have reported.

Uber advises its passengers to always double check the car that you are getting in is correct or not.

Both Uber and Lyft support teams are quick in their response online and will connect the passenger with the appropriate teams or contacts of the company.  Passengers just need to tag the following in their posts or DM the accounts.

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