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When is Nisekoi Season 3 Release Date, Characters & Plot

Nisekoi Season 3

Nisekoi is one of the Japanese romantic comedy anime series. The sporty for Nisekoi is based on the manga series with the same title and it is of the Shonen category. The author and the illustrator of this manga is Naoshi Komi with the first publication of the manga being back on 7th November 2011. At the time of the release of the first volume, the manga became an instant hit among the readers. Following few years and a little bit into the story, the manga was then picked up by a studio to be made into an anime TV series. Finally the Nisekoi Season 1 was aired for viewing back on 11th January 2014. The first season became an instant hit not among manga lovers but also new viewers. Soon the season was renewed for Nisekoi Season 2 and this new season aired back on 10th April 2015. Now it has been almost 5 years and the fans of this anime series are waiting on the Nisekoi Season 3 release date. To answer a question about Nisekoi Season 3 release date, we will be telling you all about it below.

When is the Nisekoi Season 3 release date? When will Nisekoi Season 3 premiere?

The Nisekoi Season 2 first episode aired back on 10th April 2015 with the final episode releasing on 26th June 2015. Although almost 5 years have passed since the 2nd season ended, there is still no concrete news on the Nisekoi Season 3 and we are also unsure if there will ever be a season 3. Still, there is some time until one can conclusively say that the series will return for its much-anticipated 3rd season.

Although there is no confirm news about season 3 of Nisekoi, there is still one good point of interest here and that is the live-action film of the anime titled “Nisekoi: False Love”. The story of the film is also based on its manga series and it was released in Japan first back on 21st December 2018. The movie was released simultaneously in 249 theaters all over Japan so this proves that Nisekoi in fact ahs a massive fan following and is quite popular. Still, if this popularity and success of the movie translate to the release of the Nisekoi Season 3 remains to be seen. As for our best guess, based on all this success and fan following, is that the Nisekoi Season 3 will most likely happen in late 2021. We will be updating our readers with the news of the Nisekoi Season 3 release date as soon as we learn of it.

Nisekoi: English Dubbed Version

Seeing the potential in the anime series, the Aniplex operating in America greenlit the signal for the license of the series to be streamed on Crunchyroll and Hulu with the English subtitles for catering needs of the broad variety of viewers.

Plot for Nisekoi Season 3:

Despite the story of Nisekoi being that of a romantic comedy, it gets interesting and is not one bit clichéd like other series. The show follows the story of the main character Raku Ichijou. He is the heir to the Yakuza family by the name Shuei-Gumi but he is unwilling of his inheritance.

10 years before the current timeline of the series, Raku seemingly made a promise to his childhood female friend. The promise was that if they both met each other in the future, they will marry each other. Despite a whole decade in the show’s passing, Raku still holds the promise dear to his heart wearing it inside a locket pendant. As for the key of this pendant, it is with the girl to whom he made the promise.

The show starts from the time when Raku enters the Bonyari High School as a 1st-year student and is looking to live a normal life as he also suffers the pressure from his powerful criminal family. Raku has aspirations to become a civil servant and has a dream to marry his high school crush named Kosaki Onodera. However, all of his plans seem to hit the fan as he also has to fulfill his responsibilities to his yakuza family as their heir.

Raku’s responsibilities start when an American Bee Hive gang starts invading the Yakuza turf and starting a war with his family. As the war heats up for years, the leaders of these 2 gangs decide that the only way to make peace is by marrying their children with each other. This is the point, where Raku is then forced to date Chitoge Kirisaki; the beautiful daughter of the leader of the American bee Hive gang. But all of this becomes bad from day one as both Raku and Chitoge hate each other but to maintain the peace of the two families, they pretend to be in deep love with each other.

Things get more and more complicated as more and more girls one after another start to pop up in the life of Raku and all of it is seemingly tied to his past. As Raku maintains this forced relationship, he tries to find the girl from his past who has the key to the locket pendant.

As months pass by, Chitoge finally starts to have changed in the perception of Raku and sees him as a charming boy. It is not only Chitoge that is falling for Raku because there is now a long list of girls who are looking for Raku’s attention.

Main Characters in Nisekoi: (Spoilers Alert)

Although there are nearly dozens of different characters in the Nisekoi series, the main ones are only 3. We will give the brief background information of all these 3 below.

Raku Ichijou:

First up is Raku, who is the sole heir to a Yakuza family by the name of Shuei-Gumi. Raku is not only an intelligent boy but he is also a skilled fighter but with a typical teen heart and a soft side. In his childhood years, he married his childhood friend that they would marry if they met in the future. With decades passing by, Raku still is holding that promise dear as it is locked inside a pendant with the key being in that girl’s possession and he searches for her.

In his high shcool1st year, he has a crush on a girl named Kosaki Onodera and dreams to marry her and become a civil servant. These dreams are thwarted by his family as he is forced to have a relationship with the daughter of a rival gang; Chitoge Kirisaki.

Kosaki Onodera:

Kosaki is another main character of this show who is the high school crush of Raku and is also the only girl for whom Raku has feelings. But like most one-sided crushes, Kosaki also has feelings for Raku but doesn’t have any idea that Raku has feelings for her. She only gets jealous when other girls in class vie for Raku’s attention.

Kosaki is a timid and innocent percent with a bashful personality who does things before thinking. Kosaki also has a friendship with Chitoge and both of them share their problems.

Chitoge Kirisaki:

She is the daughter of the Shuei-Gumi family’s rival family; the American Bee Hive gang. She and Raku are forced into a relationship headed for marriage to maintain peace between the two gangs. But Raku doesn’t like her and calls her a savage gorilla.

Kirisaki is really sharp and has an aggressive nature with ready-to-attack nature and is quite an unpleasant person. She had trouble since childhood making friends. She is a great athlete and is also a great cook but often she messes up the ingredients of the dishes. Despite not liking Raku the first time, she eventually starts to fall for him.

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