When is Trinity Seven Season 2 Release Date, Characters & Plot

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Shichi-nin no Masho Tsukai or also more commonly known as Trinity Seven is one of the romantic comedy Japanese anime series. This series is based on the manga series with the same name. The author of this manga series is Kenji Saitou whereas illustration is carried out by artist Akinari Nao. The first publication of the manga occurred back on 9th December 2010. 4 years following the first publication of the manga, this series was picked up by a studio to be made into an anime series. The Trinity Seven Season 1 had its first episode aired back on 8th October 2014. Following the success of the first season, the studio behind it decided to launch an OVA (original video animation) special episode along with releasing 2 movies. With the first season and this OVA and 2 movies; the hype of the series has only increased and the fans are asking if there will be Trinity Seven Season 2 anytime soon or not.

While the news about the release of Trinity Seven Season 2 was confirmed a little while ago, it still waits to get an airing date. to answer the question about the release of Trinity Seven Season 2, we will tell you everything there is to know.

When is the Trinity Seven Season 2 release date? When will the first episode premiere?

The first episode of the Trinity Seven Season 1 premiered back on 8th October 2014 and ever since then, fans have been anxiously waiting for the release of the 2nd season. Whilst the fans were waiting, 2 movies of the franchise were released back on 25th February 2017, and 29th March 2019 respectively. Both of these movies were well received by the fans in theaters across Japan. The release of these movies also offered fans hope for the 2nd season. back at the start of the year 2019, it was confirmed that there were indeed plans for Trinity Seven Season 2 and that it would premiere on 11th April 2019. Unfortunately, the date has long passed us and with that, no episode of season 2 has premiered.

The reasons why the Trinity Seven Season 2 was released in 2019 are still unknown. Despite not knowing the r0oeans for previous delays it is still expected that the series will get its 2nd season sometime later in 2021. The exact timeline is still not available but we are still listening and seeing all the news about it. As soon as there is any confirmed news about Trinity Seven Season 2 release date, we will update it here.

Trinity Seven English Dubbed Version:

For those of you who love to watch anime series in English dubbed language, there is good news for you. The first season of Trinity Seven along with its OVA episode and 2 movies are all available in English dubbed translation. These dubbed versions of Trinity Seven can be watched on services like HiDive and Crunchyroll.

Plot for Trinity Seven Season 2:

The plot for Trinity Seven is one of the fantastical ones and is the main reason for the popularity of this series. The story follows the life of a young kid named Arata Kasuga who lives with his cousin as well as his childhood friend named Hijiri Kasuga what seems like a normal life. But one day this normal like of Arata comes crashing down when the sun suddenly turns to a black color and results in an event that is called a Breakdown Phenomenon. This event will destroy Arata’s entire town along with everybody living in it. But before Hijiri dies, she takes out a grimoire and hangs it around Arata’s neck. This magical book with its special powers protects Arata from getting wiped out by the event.

Following this phenomenon, Arata is completely devastated and wishes for his past life. Unknowingly and unintentionally, this wish seems to trigger the power of grimoire once more and reconstructs an artificial life of Arata before the Breakdown Phenomenon occurred. It also takes away the bad memories of the event. At that particular time, a mage named Lilith Asami meets Arata and in her presence, this artificially reconstructed world disintegrates.

As Arata is reeling from this shock, Lilith offers Arata two choices with one handing over the grimoire to her and 2nd one to die. Arata is unwilling to both of these choices and after a long conversation with Lilith, he decides to choose a third choice that being enrolling in a top-secret school for magicians by the name Royal Biblia Academy. This school also has 6 other magical students that are waiting for Arata to come. These 6 students along with Lilith form what is called Trinity Seven. Each of these students is an elite mage with their own special skills and powers.

As Arata is trying to learn magic and master many different powers, he has set his eyes on the aim of preventing the obliteration of his home and his loved ones.

Characters in Trinity Seven Season 2 (Spoilers Alert):

Like many of the anime shows, Trinity Seven also has nearly dozens of different characters along with many main characters. Below you will learn about the main characters in Trinity Seven.

Arata Kasuga:

He is the main character of this anime series who has a carefree and cheerful personality and lives his life with his cousin Hijiri Kasuga. However, following an event of catastrophic proportions, his entire hometown with everyone in it is destroyed. Following this event, Arata joins the Royal Biblia Academy with help of a mage named Lilith. He has an aim now to save his old town from destruction.

Lilith Asami:

She is one of the teachers at the academy and is a member of the Trinity Seven. She meets for the first time Arata on her journey to check out the Breakdown Phenomenon. Although Lilith was initially aggressive towards Arata, she ultimately warms up to him and introduces the world of magic to him.

Arin Kannazuki:

She is another main character of this show and is also a member of the Trinity Seven. She apparently has no memory of her life before she was 8 years old. She was taken in by the headmaster of this magic school. Interestingly enough, she also claims that she is the wife of Arata despite them not being married.

Levi Kazama:

He is part of the Trinity Seven and one of the first friends that Arata makes at his new school. He uses shaman spells and is considered one of the 3 top fighters at the school.

Yuri Kurata:

As part of the Trinity Seven, Yuri communicates with others via dreams. She is really close to Arata and also has her own little sisters. She really looks up to Arata.

Mira Yamana:

She is a member of the Trinity Seven, as well as a student at Royal Biblia Academy and the head for its Grimoire Security.

Lieselotte Sherlock:

Another member of the Trinity Seven, she is the 2nd seat for the Royal Library Inspectors but she is also known to have a criminal past.

Akio Fudou:

she is a partner of Mira is taking care of Grimoire Security and is part of the Trinity Seven with strong powers.

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