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When will Killing Bites Season 2 be Released? Everything You Need To Know

Killing Beats Season 2

For the last 3 painstaking years, fans have been waiting for news on Killing Bites Season 2. But the sad thing is that there is actually no credible news about the release date. Fans are really hoping for this brilliant anime series to have its sequel season that has managed to keep its viewers engaged with the show until the last episode. As the time for this untimely wait is increasing so is the anticipation with each passing day. The question that everybody is asking is they ever going to be Killing Bites Season 2 or not?

Kiryu Baitsu or also more commonly known as Killing Bites is the Japanese Sci-fi action anime series that is based on the story of the manga of the same name. The story is written and illustrated by authors Kazuasa Sumita and Shinya Murata. Following the success of its manga series among the manga fans, the series was picked up by the Liden Films studios and they adapted it into an anime series. The series was released for airing back on 13th January 2018 and it ran for a total of 12 amazing episodes. The final episode of the series was on the 31st march of the same year. Other than the anime series, this story was also picked up to be made into an action game.

Killing Bites Season 2; Details for Renewal:

The Killing Bites Season 1 got great reviews from viewers and it became an instant hit as soon as it was aired. As a result of this increased popularity, it was immediately after the first season’s end that fans demanded a Killing Bites Season 2. But their demands remain unanswered by the studio. The lack of any news or even a rumor is making the fans more and more desperate for the show to make a comeback. The production studio is keeping a tight lip about any plans for this series. They are still to green-lit production for Killing Bites Season 2. As the show is still not axed by the studio, the fans are still hopeful that one day they will be able to see Killing Bites Season 2.

Is there enough source material to make a Killing Bites Season 2?

As we have said earlier, that this series is based on manga of the same name, there is enough material for Liden Films to make its sequel season. In fact, there is enough material for the studio to work with to make 2 more seasons. The manga came into serializations back in November of 2013 and it is still ongoing. Since the release of the first volume, the author has, so far, released around 16 more volumes. As for season 1 of Killing Bites, it made use of 6 volumes to make those 12 episodes. They still have 10more manga volumes to work with and that is more than enough to make a sequel. If the studio makes use of all the source information, they can in fact make a third season as well.

Killing Bites Season 2 release date: When will it premiere?

The production house that gave us the Killing Bites Season 1 is Liden Films and they are still to release any news about the 2nd season. But based on the popularity of the anime series, the game release, and the ongoing manga publication; it is most likely that the series will get a 2nd season pretty soon.

The reason for this delay in the 2nd season is that at the time of the first season, the manga had 10 volumes released and 6 of them were used for making 12 episodes. But now, the total volume count is 16 and with this, there is now enough source material to go ahead with the production of Killing Bites Season 2. Still, we ask you to be not hopeful about the release date is sooner. If the production somehow starts this year, it will be most likely in 2023 when the first episode of Killing Bites Season 2 premiers.

What characters will be in Killing Bites Season 2?

Judging from the end of Season 1, the main protagonist of the series is Yuya Nomoto who is also the creator of Hitomi and had strong feelings for her. But he was killed by Hitomi and is definitely going to return in season 2 for his revenge.

The 2nd character to reappear is obviously Hitomi Nomoto. She is a hybrid of honey badger named Rattle who is following her guardian named Shido. She was seen killing Yuya at the end of season 1 and will most likely have a fight with him in Season 2.

The final returning character will be Reiichi Shido; the legal guardian for Hitomi who has the power to control the hybrids. He was the one who order Hitomi to kill Yuya and made him his enemy.

Is there a trailer for Killing Bites Season 2 one can watch?

The production studio of the series Killing Bites has not renewed the series for a 2nd season. This is why, so far, there can be no talks about there being a trailer. However, keep on coming to this page as we will update it if there is any such news about the series.

What is the Killing Bites series IMBD rating?

The Killing Bites series was not able to score quite well on its IMDB ratings. The series had mixed reviews from its viewers and it got an average score of 6.3 out of 10.

Do Killing Bites have an English Dubbed Version?

No, so far, the series does not have any English dubbed version.

Was the villain Yuya Nomoto killed?

He was seemingly killed by Hitomi under Shido’s command but he somehow survived that attack. At the end of season 1, viewers see him attending his own funeral from afar as he angrily watches Hitomi and other members of the Killing Bites organization.

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