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Whitney Scott Mathers – Bio, Family, Net Worth In 2021

Once again we are introducing a celebrity who got their celebrity status all because of their celebrity parent. Celebrity kids often have o get through rough times because of all the paparazzi action. As for the celebrity we are presenting today, she has it rough as compared to other celebrity kids. The one we will talk about today is Whitney Scott Mathers, she is one of the 3 daughters of the famous American rapper Marshall Bruce Mathers III or you know him by his rap name Eminem.

Whitney Scott Mathers is the adopted daughter of Eminem and is actually the biological daughter of his first and now ex-wife Kimberly. Kimberly had Whitney Scott Mathers with her relationship with another man but Eminem later adopted her as his own. Eminem has a history of introducing his daughters and wife in the lyrics of his songs. This has led to lots of curiosity related to Whitney Scott Mathers and her relationship with Eminem. Eminem is generally known to have a soft spot in his heart when it is about his family which is ironic as he comes out as an artist with an arrogant attitude in his majority of music videos.

Most of the time Eminem stays quiet about his family life but when the talk is about his daughters, he is known to be expressive positively; although little. Eminem and Kimberly got married back in 1999 after their long term relationship led to the birth of his biological daughter named Hailie Jade Mathers. Following this marriage came fights and that led to an early divorce in 2001. Following this divorce, Kimberly married a man named Eric Hatter who was a tattoo artist. Whitney is the result of that relationship and was born back in 2002. Following a lengthy legal battle, Eminem was able to adopt this girl as his daughter. At the moment, Whitney Scott Mathers lives with Eminem and his 2 biological daughters Alaina and Hailie.

Today’s wiki-bio will be covering all the aspects of Whitney Scott Mathers’ life, so stay tuned.

Real Name:- 

Whitney Scott Mathers




Eminem’s adopted daughter



Date of Birth:-

16th April 2002

Birth Place:-

St. Joseph, Missouri, USA

Zodiac Sign:-




Physical Stats:-

Whitney Scott Mathers is an 18 years old female teenager who resembles mostly her other Kimberly Anne Scott. This is the reason that most people cannot see her as the daughter of Eminem but Eminem loves her as his own. Whitney Scott Mathers has natural blonde hairs along with black eyes. Her fail features also resemble that of her biological father Eric Hatter.

Personal life:-

Information regarding to personal life of Whitney Scott Mathers is as follows. We have gathered as much information about her life as we could and it is all presented below.

  • Eminem; real name Marshal Bruce Mathers III has led a really troubled life which includes a history of violent house abuse and drug abuse. He started a relationship with a woman named Kimberly Anne Scott back in the mid-90s with the marriage happening in 1999. Their first-born was a daughter they named Hailie Jade Mathers. She was actually born 4 years prior to the marriage in 1995. Still, both the marriage and the birth of their first daughter couldn’t resolve their family issues.
  • Eminem allegedly blamed Kim for having illicit relationships with many men which often led to physical abuse and violence. For his abuse, Eminem has been charged by the police and arrested several times. The matter ended with divorce in 2001 after which Eminem wrote many songs about her which obviously dint sit well with Kim.
  • Following the divorce, Kim had a relationship with a tattoo artist named Eric Hatter. This relationship led to the birth of Whitney Scott Mathers in 2002. As for Whitney, she is still to meet her biological father who is on the run from authorities on several charges.
  • In the very same year, Eminem adopted Whitney Scott Mathers as his daughter stating the reason that Kim was a drug addict and had a troubled life. Kim and Eminem married once more in 2006 but it ended baldy once more.
  • Despite the fact Whitney Scott Mathers is not Eminem’s real daughter, he loves her very much. It has even been mentioned by Kim that Eminem treats all 3 of them as a superb father.
  • Eminem mentions all of his daughters in his songs from time to time and tries to work less to spend more time with 3 of them. He does so because he does not want them to live as he did.
  • Eric Hatter is now dead after a drug overdose on 22nd August 2019. His corpse was found out by his own mother in Detroit, Michigan from an abandoned house.


Some of the facts about the life of Whitney Scott Mathers are as follows.

  • Whitney Scott Mathers is the adopted daughter of Eminem; the famous American rapper. She is the biological daughter of Eminem’s ex-wife Kimberly Anne Scott from her brief relationship with a tattoo artist named Eric Hatter.
  • She is living with Eminem and his 2 biological daughters Hailie Jade Scott and Alaina Marie Mathers.
  • Whitney Scott Mathers is currently attending high school and is doing well in academics.
  • Although Whitney loves to hang out with Alaina, she is actually fonder of Hailie and looks up to her.

Net worth:-

There is no actual net worth of Whitney Scott Mathers. As for her father Eminem, he is one of the most famous American rappers of all time. He has a massive net worth of about 250 million dollars. Whitney Scott Mathers currently lives with his father and 2 half-sisters.

Family Tree:-

Information regarding the family details of Whitney Scott Mathers is as follows.

Father Name:-

Whitney Scott Mathers’ biological father is Eric Hatter. She was born out of wedlock from Kim and Eric’s relationship back in 2002; a little after Kim and Eminem’s first divorce. Eric used to work as a tattoo artist. Whitney Scott Mathers has never met his real father. Eric died back in 2019 due to a drug overdose in Detroit.

Mother Name:-

Her mother is Kimberly Anne Scott who is the ex-wife of Eminem.


She has two half-sisters from 2 marriages of Kim and Eminem back in 1999 and 2006. Their names are as follows.

  • Hailie Jade Mathers
  • Alaina Marie Mathers


She has no children yet.

Relationships & Affairs:-

She is currently studying in high school and is currently not dating any boy.

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