Worst Tattoos ever

Sometimes people get tattoos that they end up regretting. Then, they are forced to live with them for the rest of their lives. When some people make decisions in the spur of the moment, their judgment can often be compromised, resulting in bad decisions that they regret. When it comes to tattoos, these bad decisions are often permanent—unless you are willing to sit through a painful laser procedure.

Poor judgment can sometimes result in a decision to get an utterly ridiculous tattoo that fills you with regret every time you look at it. What’s great about these kinds of tattoos, though, is that they provide other people with a great form of entertainment, especially if the tattoo is particularly funny or ridiculous.

Here are few of the worst, but funniest tattoos ever.

The Bar Code:-

I’m not exactly sure why anyone would want to tattoo a bar code on their arm, but I guess everyone has their reasons.

Girlfriend tattoo:-

Dude there is no way she is going to be impressed with this one.

Her name is Ana:-

That is just some sloppy writing technique.

The Monster:-

Yes when you were getting this tattoo, you were clearly some kind of a monster. Give it a year or two for monster to regret this decision.

The Ink Man:-

Well he clearly is a piece of art in his own sense or is he an example of many poor decisions? You be the judge.


She clearly seems to lover her skittles.

Probably funny at the time:-

Many of us enjoy a puerile pun, but we don’t all have one permanently etched onto our skin

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