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    People Who Are the Real Kings of Pranks

    This world is full of people who just can’t live without pranks. And some of them are really successful in their “hobby.” We have gathered photos showing that some people were born to joke. And we must admit that they succeeded. Friend turned the other friend’s floor into a golf course This kid decided to […] More

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    Times When People Beat The System In Hilarious Ways

    Laws and rules are there for a reason, marks of orderly and successful societies that serve to keep us from descending into anarchy. However, some rules are just stupid and unnecessary. Smart and enterprising people know this, and refuse to bow to an unjust system. And so they must find creative ways to bend the […] More

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    Pictures That Satisfy the Inner Perfectionist in All of Us

    These photos of symmetry and order are appealing to humans and animals alike. Both in society and in the wild, organisms that are “more symmetrical” have a better chance at finding a mate than those who don’t. Some speculate that this is one way of identifying a healthy partner. The appeal of symmetry in art […] More

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    Satisfying Before And After Cleaning Pictures

    Cleaning is hard work, so we need all the help we can get. But maybe it would be way easier to go motivate yourself if you thought that it’s not a chore but the most satisfying experience in the universe? We have collected some before-and-after examples of wiping the dirt away, and they will make […] More

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    Artist Transforms Human Hands into All Kinds of Animals

    Guido Daniele is an award-winning artist from Soverato, Italy. Born in 1950, Daniele lives and works in Milan. Over his 40+ year career, Guido has done both commercial/advertising work as well as group and solo exhibitions around the world. In 1990 he began to explore and experiment with body and hand painting. By having his […] More

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    Epic Fashion Magazine Photoshop Fails

    This is a list of the best fashion magazine Photoshop fails. These epic photo disasters found on various web sites will make you look twice. At first glance, these pictures seem normal until you start to notice phantom limbs, disappearing body parts, and other unfortunate Photoshopping mistakes. Made possible by using retouching tools that are […] More

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