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    The Funniest Protest Signs Ever

    Protests happen every day and while we can all agree that they are necessary and often effective when promoting social change, they can be very intense and tiring. Fortunately, some of the protesters decided to lighten the mood by carrying signs that are not that serious. We have put together a list of the funniest […] More

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    Funny and Clever Homeless Signs

    Let’s get the obvious out of the way – being homeless isn’t easy. Not only are there the obvious problems of food, water, and shelter, but if you have spent any time living in a big city, then you know of the intense competition for your spare change. Of course, some homeless people just want […] More

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    Snapchat Fails of People Having a Worse Day than You

    Mankind has been failing at stuff for as long as our species has existed. But unlike our primitive forefathers, who had to suffer the embarrassment of keeping their failures to themselves, we’re lucky enough to live in an age where we can share our screw-ups with the entire world with the touch of a button. […] More

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    People Who Have Mastered the Art of Multitasking

    It’s all about multitasking these days. If you’re not simultaneously watching a movie on Netflix and cruising the web on your laptop while you’re playing a game on your phone, you’re not really being productive. If you’re looking for more inventive ways to streamline your life, you’ve come to the right photo gallery. These funny […] More

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