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    Best airlines that offer the most amazing services

    The golden age of travel is not over as the world’s most renowned airlines are serving the five star hotels like treatment for your travel. We present to you few of the world’s top ranking best airlines who have been ranked based on their cabin comfort, in-flight services, customer services and food quality. Singapore Airlines […] More

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    Perfect honeymoon travel destinations

    After months of planning finally the big wedding day arrives and you have tied the knots. Next comes the Honeymoon season. There are literally hundreds of honeymoon destinations for lovers around the globe that they can choose from. However to save you the hassle we have selected few of the best honeymoon travel destinations for […] More

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    Best beaches to visit this summer

    The world is filled with the mot spectacular beaches with stunning views. While it is nearly impossible to cherry pick the top best beaches of the world but we have certainly taken our chance. We have selected 5 of the world’s best beaches that you can visit this summer and have the time of your […] More

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    Criminal Acts Involving LEGO

    With over 20 billion Lego bricks being made every year, there is no need to tell you all about how popular this toy is. According to one scientist, there are almost 915 million ways to combine six blocks toy. While people normally use them to build miniature building models or variety of other ways but […] More

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    Terribly Dysfunctional Royal Weddings

    While royal weddings of toady can be a spectacle to behold but that was not always the case as here had been many occasions where the royal weddings turned to to be disastrous. From the pages of history we have gathered few of the terribly disastrous royal weddings. Henry III of Navarre and Margaret of […] More

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    Authors, you read in school were actually terrible people

    Your English teacher might not tell you that some of the favorite authors whose work you might be reading this summer had all sorts of dirty and dark secrets about their life. Some of these writers are actually the nicest ones you know because of their literary work. Some of these authors who are terrible […] More

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    Secret Rooms inside the World’s Most Famous Landmarks

    People from around the world visit the historical landmarks of the various countries which depicts their historical heritage. You will be amazed to know that some of these historical landmarks have hidden spaces tat might not be visible at a mere first glance. Few of these landmarks with hidden spaces are as follows and if […] More

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