Best Personal Finance apps for an iPhone user

Apple has launched into the new age of smartphones after they launched their new iPhone 11 and its other models. The smartphone is equipped with more advanced processing power as well as a wide variety of amazing features.

The new iPhones allow the users to have more space and to beef up their new smartphone with all the latest apps to help ease their everyday life. Finance is also not the thing that is left unnoticed by the App Store of Apple. In order to help our readers get hold of the best personal finance apps, we present the following list.

Clarity Money

The first app on our list is titled Clarity Money which as its name sounds is to help the user with all their money related problems. The app allows the user to link their bank accounts with the app and then learn a lot of cool things as to how to spend right.

Out of its many cool features, the one feature of Clarity Money is that offers a tool for scanning the purchases from subscriptions. Once the purchases are cataloged on user’s various subscriptions, they can turn them off such as the subscription to a magazine that the user does not want to read ever again.

The app also lets the user help with finding their monthly expenses as well as negotiates the lower debt rate on the user’s behalf. If the user receives the lower negotiation rates, only then the company behind Clarity Money gets the third of the saved money.

Varo Money

Varo Money is the banking app which has the new tool for cash flow called Varo Forecast.  This tool allows the user to overview the current balance of their bank account as well as predict what their future income is going to be like along with the bills that the user will receive in the coming month. While monitoring all these tasks, the app will also notify the user if they are on the right plan of reaching the saving goals they have set for themselves.

The company behind Varo Money aims to help its users track their spending via their bank accounts along with being the bank for the user too. As of now, Varo Money has partnered up with The Bankcorp Bank that is offering the banking products such as a saving account which will carry the 0.25% APY.


Next up is her app known as Debitize which offers some really cool credit cards’ perks. However, be aware as if your balance gets low, the interest is going to outweigh the rewards from the app.

Debitize helps its users by keeping track of their spending habits from credit cards and also deducts a certain amount from the everyday purchases from the user’s checking account. After deducting this sum, Debitize automatically puts this deducted amount in the user’s reserve account. After when the bill of the user arrives, Debitize makes use of this reserved sum of money to pay these bills.

This service of Debitize is currently free of charge but for some additional features related to this, Debitize does charge a small sum of money as a fee.


The core function of the MoneyLion app is to act as the money lender but the company is rapidly increasing its services as well as products to help its customers keep track of both their money spending habits and money-saving too.

The augmented reality feature introduced by MoneyLion lets the user visualize their money in the form of stacks. For example, if a user of the app is having difficulty in saving money, then the app helps the user visualize the money in the form of stacks on the subway platform.

As for the MoneyLion’s feature named Grow Your Stacks, it is currently viable for iPhone 6s and above.

Long Game Savings

Fr those of you who love to play gaming apps on their smartphones, then you can also consider playing the Long Game, only this time, the game will help you in knowing ways to boost your savings.

This tool for boosting money savings is known as “Prized Linked Savings” which works like the lottery game. However, instead of a person wasting their precious money on the scratch-off lottery tickets, they can earn the chances of winning money through their saving behaviors.

The more a person saves money, the more coins they will earn to help them play games.

While this app feels as if doing gambling, the principal of the user always remains protected. The savings account for any user has an APY of 0.1 percent.


Stash is one of the popular personal finance apps that is making the claim to own the landscape of micro-investing. The app does so by giving the users some control over the fact as to where they place their money.

Most of the other investing finance apps offer the users with a wide selection of exchange trading funds to let the users set for risk tolerance. As for the portfolio created on Stash, it is pre-oriented around the risk factor. In addition to this, the app’s platform allows the users to be more specific about picking things such as the companies in Clean-energy sectors or companies that are all about equality.

The cost of service for an account that is under the sum of 5000 dollars is a mere 1 dollar. As for the accounts with a large value, the app charges the annual fee of nearly 0.25 percent of the account’s total value.


Digit works by analyzing the spending habits of a user from their checking account and then carries out small money withdrawals to help the user build up their savings. Whilst some of the personal finance apps works by rounding the transaction to the nearest dollar, Digit works by depending on fact as to how much a user spends in a month.

After the first 100 days of free service, Digit charges about 2.99 dollars per month. However, this fee seems minuscule when considering the factor that the savings account of Digit offers the user a percent annual saving bonus after they have saved the money for 3 months in a row.

When the user is ready to use their savings, then they simply need to text the app with the word “Withdraw” along with the sum of money the user needs to withdraw.  Afterward, the set amount will then be transferred into their checking account in a period of 1 business day.

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