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Lindsay Ellis: Who is Lindsay Ellis Husband, Net Worth & More

Lindsay Ellis

Lindsay Ellis, full name Lindsay Carole Ellis is an American author, YouTuber, and film critic. From the year 2004 to 2008, she was a member of the production company that had the web name The Nostalgia Chick.  In 2014, Lindsay Ellis decided to cut ties with them to focus on her video essays. She is also a widely known author with her debut novel titled Axiom’s End. The novel was published in 2020 and it became one of the new York Times Best Sellers.

Early life:-

  • Lindsay Ellis was born back in 1984 in Johnson City of Tennessee. She was brought up in this city and left it only after getting her high school graduation diploma.
  • From there on, she went to New York University and got her Bachelor’s degree in Film Studies in 2007 and then Masters in Film Studies in 2011 from USC School of Cinematic Arts.
  • During her college days, she along with her friends wrote a parody novel of Twilight under the title Awoken. This was about a woman who fell in love with the creature Cthulhu.
  • In 2010, she also the story of a short film titled “the A-Word”. This film was about the experience of a woman during an abortion.

Professional Career:-

  • It was during her time of completing her master’s degree when she was scouted by The Nostalgia Chick to hot their web series titled “Nostalgia Critic”. From 2012 to 2014, Lindsay Ellis went on to create more than 100 videos for the series before leaving it.
  • She also has her own YouTube channel on which she posts videos about reviews of movies and their impacts on the overall entertainment culture. Her videos on the effect of the Hobbit Trilogy on the New Zealand Film Industry as well as the Transformers series have been viewed 4 million times. As of this year, she is focusing on rather long video essays.
  • Lindsay Ellis is also co-hosting a web series titled “It’s Lit!” with Princess Weekes. The web series is the project of PBS Digital Studios.
  • Back at the end of 2019, Lindsay Ellis announces the news of her debut novel titled Axiom’s End. The novel went on to become New York Times Best Seller in 2020.
  • She is also on Patreon where she releases some of her content early on. Her Patreon account has over 9000 patrons making her one of the Top 50 on this platform.
  • At the stator of 2020, Lindsay Ellis also launched a podcast titled MusicalSplaining alongside Illustrators and a director named Kaveh Taherian. The podcast was added to the 2020 list of O, The Oprah Magazine Top 20 new Podcasts.

Lindsay Ellis Net Worth:

As per the sources, the official net worth of Lindsay Ellis is around a 1.5million dollars. As per the report of, Lindsay Ellis earns somewhere in-between 7k to 100k from her YouTube channel.

Other than this, Lindsay Ellis also has her Patreon account where she has 90000 patrons. With 2 dollars per month, her patrons get early access to her content on her official YouTube channel. As for 10 dollars a month, the special patrons have their names listed in the credits of each video on the channel.

Who is Lindsay Ellis Husband?

Back in 2018, Lindsay Ellis married a man named Nick. The wedding was a huge one where all the big names of YouTube like Dan Olson, Elisa Hansen, Harry Lewis, and Mikey Neumann came. The videos and photos of the wedding were posted on these guests’ social media pages.

Lindsay Ellis’s husband, Nick being a Transformers fan had the characters of Windlade and Starscream sit on the top of the wedding cake.

Oftentimes, Lindsay Ellis provides her fans with insights about her marriage with Nick. She made a Tweet that says, “My Husband just said the words, who is Jordan Peterson, and I have never been more jealous”.

Also, if you didn’t know before, Lindsay Ellis is bisexual but she is still living happily with her husband in Long Beach, California.

Written by Suddl

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