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Anne Stringfield’s bio: Who is Steve Martin’s much younger wife?

Anne Stringfield’s bio: Who is Steve Martin’s much younger wife?

Anne Stringfield – younger wife of Actor Steve Martin

Anne Stringfield is an American writer who is popularly known for her marriage to popular actor and comedian, Steve Martin.

Anne Stringfield early life:

is the beautiful woman that Steve recently married. This blonde beauty has kept low profile her relationships with the Hollywood star even after their marriage . Now she’s opened up in an interview about how they met, what their home life is like and her love for his banjo playing. Anne Stringfield had her high school education at Pensacola High School and later went on to graduate from

Davidson College in 1994. She worked for the ‘Vogue’ magazine as a freelance writer.

Anne Powell Stringfield,

She is 37, writer and author. Steve Martin, 67 actor who is Anne’s celebrity husband .

How they met:

Stringfield first met the actor-comedian in 2003 at a dinner party hosted by New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd. She was 25 years old and he was 60, He invited her to join him at the movie theater to see Charlie Kaufman’s “Adaptation.”

In an interview with The New Yorker , Stringfield said she nervously wrote down her address and handed it over. Martin invited her over three weeks later, on a Sunday afternoon in May 2003.

They didn’t go out that first day – they just hung out in his apartment.

“I thought he was really smart,” Stringfield said. “He had written things on his mirror. One of them was sort of a design for living, which I now have above my bathroom mirror at home.”

She went to leave that afternoon but Martin told her she could stay if she wanted to. She stayed for four hours, until she had to teach a yoga class in the neighborhood.

It didn’t take long before their relationship started getting serious. “Within three or four months, I was like, ‘O.K., this is my guy,’” Stringfield said.


After dating for about six months, they were engaged in 2007 and married in a private ceremony at Martin’s Ranch Santa Fe, Calif., estate in March 2008.

Stringfield and Martin live with his four previous wives in the same community – all about an hour from Santa Fe. “I always say we have one head, six arms and eight legs between us,”

Anne Stringfield is the writer of a book about relationship called “The Longest Date: Life as a Wife” which reflects on her life as a wife and spouse.

In an interview with the New Yorker, she said that there were some challenges for their relationship initially as they had to adjust to blending their lives.

“I don’t want to be anybody’s girlfriend. I’ve been really clear about that, actually. I think it has something to do with being an only child or a late-in-life child or maybe just the way my parents raised me, but I very much identify myself as somebody who’s not a girl and is definitely not somebody’s wife. I don’t want to be mommy, and I don’t really want to be daddy,” she said.

Their home life:

Stringfield has added some celebrity sparkle to their ranch in New Mexico where they share modern quarters decorated with Indian and Navajo artwork.

According to reports, Martin does most of the cooking for their family and Stringfield says “he’s a very good cook. I make really good salads; he makes really good everything else. He’s more experienced in life than I am, but I can carry my end. And we do things like walk the dogs. We don’t have children, so we play with the dogs, and take care of them.”

She said their best dish is chili con carne made by Martin, who was raised in California. She adds that her current favorite food group are vegetables since she has been following a vegetarian diet for more than a year.

Stringfield shared her feelings about being a wife to Martin in an interview, “It’s been fun to get to know each other better, because you have the time and opportunity to do so. In any marriage there are going to be challenges—I think that’s probably true of anything that involves sharing one’s life. But at least there are more great things to balance out the hard stuff.”

Their relationship

Their relationship seems to be going strong with no sign of breaking up any time soon. They seem to complement each other well and have a good mutual understanding even though they both are successful in their own fields, she is very supportive of his work.

Stringfield said they now have more time together as they both share responsibilities like cooking and grocery shopping with each other.

When asked by the New Yorker if she would ever consider marrying again, Stringfield said “I don’t think I would. I just feel too lucky.”

She also said, “Nothing is ever boring to me; I’m too grateful. I can be doing the most mundane thing—deciding what socks to buy—and think, Wow! This is what life is like when you get all the stuff right!”

Her reaction on being called “The First Lady of Science”:

She said it was her husband that called her that when she got a job in science communication at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City.

She said “I was amused by it, but I didn’t think it would stick—it sounds too campy. But a lot of people use it, and I’ve started to think of it as a little badge of honor. It’s pretty cool, because that means that you have an opportunity to affect the world and the way people perceive something that you love. The other thing is just being married to someone who spends his life doing this stuff—it makes me think about science in a different way. So it’s not bad.”

Her writing:

She said she found time to write after work before meeting her husband, who encouraged her to continue with what she was doing. Stringfield says “there are moments when I really miss having my own busy social life or even just my own bed. But there are also moments when I realize that I can do anything for a little while. So it’s not all bad.”

She has written an article about her life with Martin and how they met after Stringfield got to know that someone was writing about them for the New Yorker which she later found out is an author she likes, George Packer.

Her writing style:

She said “I don’t think that I ever felt like a writer. I still feel like an English major who needs to read more books and is very intimidated by the English language.”


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