Miley Cyrus Performs Classic Rock Hits During NCAA Men’s Final Four Concert

On the Saturday night, at the event of the NCAA Men’s final 4 event, Miley Cyrus stole the night with her stellar performance.

28 years old singer took the stage at the Lucas Oil Stadium located in Indianapolis for performing some of the very best classical rock & roll songs for the audience consisting of socially distanced workers of the frontline. This concert was held after the game of Baylor VS Houston. As for the game itself, it ended with Baylor getting their championship game against the team Gonzaga, which is to be held on Monday.

The attractive Miley Cyrus wore the attrite consisting of a pair of black trousers, vest and vinyl boots. As she was looking fiery hot, she sang some of the best vintage hits such as We Will Rock You by Queen, Ede of Seventeen by Stevie Nick, and Heart of Glass by Blondie. In addition to this, Cyrus also sang her won hit song “Wrecking Ball”.

The main cast of the series Hannah Montana, captioned the video on her social media page as Cyrus walks over to the stage “A STAR IS BOIRN”.

Cyrus also posted the footage of Behind The Scene from before when the concert started on her social media page. This includes the video of the sound checking performance of the song “Don’t Stop me Now” in one other post, Cyrus can be seen posing for a selfie picture as she is dressed in her outfit for the performance.

Cyrus captions another video which shows her reaching the venue of the concert “MILEY MADNESS ♥️♠️??? @FinalFour#MarchMadnes”.

Cyrus was heavily appreciated for her performance over social media. Even her own dad applauded her performance saying on Twitter, “Mamaw Ruthie said it best ” Wow Wow Wow !!!!” Excellent performance #[email protected]   @CBSI agree  …Thank you first responders for your service and sacrifice. PS nice hairdo,”

Some other stopping performances of the event included performances from the cast of The Bachelorettes like Zac Clark and Tayshia Adams. 30 years old Zac Clark wrote about his fiancé Tayshia “@tayshia was passed out. Miley Cyrus sang one note and she is now dancing around the room like a teenager….0 to 60 would be an understatement here….”

The last performance of Cyrus for a major sports event was back in February when she was at the Super Bowl LV held in Tampa, Florida which was held at TikTok Tailgate. For this show, Cyrus delivered stunning performances of her hits like Edge of Midnight and High from the 2020 album titled Plastic Hearts. Other than that, she also sang some past singles like “We Can’t Stop now.”

At that time, she also sang songs like Head like a Hole, Jolene by Dolly Patron, Nine Inch Nails. she was also joined in by the iconic 80s singer Billy Idol as they both performed the song titled “Night Crawling and Bad Karma by rock & Roll super star Joan Jett.


Written by Suddl

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