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What Is Up With Dr. Elizabeth Grammer from Dr Pol after Husband tragic death?

The person we are going to talk about today is Dr. Elizabeth Grammer. She is a 47 years old woman who works by profession as a reality TV star as well as a veterinary doctor. Dr. Elizabeth Grammer got her fame from her role in the reality TV show titled “The Incredible Dr. Pol”. In that show, her role was of Dr. Liz but she had to unfortunately leave the show midway. The reason for her sudden leave from the show was some private reasons.

Dr. Elizabeth Grammer is the gradate of the Georgia University. Following her graduation, she took on her dream job at the Pol’s Clinic back in 2016. She worked at the clinic for nearly 2 years and had the chance to be in the show’s 9 episodes.

Why Dr. Elizabeth Grammer did left Dr. Pol?

There are many reasons that employees get fired from their jobs. Some due to misconduct in the office place while others for having found guilty of doing something unethical. As for some cases, there are other reasons where employees are forced to leave their workplace.

As for the case of Dr. Pol clinic, many o their employees left the clinic and show due to personal reasons. Same was the case for Dr. Elizabeth Grammer aka Dr. Liz.

As per the information from the show, we all know that Dr. Liz abused her power as a vet and allowed her husband to misuse the prescription drugs that led to his death. After realizing her mistake, Dr. Liz also tried to take her own life.

Death of Robert; Dr. Elizabeth Grammer’s Husband:-

At the peak of the worldwide holiday season; December 25th, Christmas day in 2016, the incident occurred. At around 9 PM, Dr. Elizabeth Grammer made a call to the local police to call for the paramedic at her house. Upon their arrival the police and paramedics found that her husband Robert was lying unconscious.

She told the police officials that her husband had been drinking alcohol for entire day. Following is drunken state, he demanded from her drugs to make him feel better. She told that she handed him Butorphanol which is a powerful narcotic medication that is use in place of morphine. He took a dose of 5 ml and then passed out.

Robert was transported from his home to Monroe Hospital and later to Macon Medical Center. He was kept on life support. Following 5 days of struggle on 30th December 2016, Robert took his last breath. He was buried at the Coggins Funeral Home located in Thomaston on January 2nd 2017.

What is Dr. Elizabeth Grammer aka Dr. Liz from Dr. Pol up to these days?

At the moment there is hardly any information related to Dr. Elizabeth Grammer. There are some rumors about her working at a private vet’s facility named Animal Amour Veterinary Hospital as well as Pet Lodge located in area of Hampton, Georgia.

It seems that Dr. Elizabeth Grammer left for her hometown following the dark and sad events in her life. As for the net worth of Dr. Liz, it is currently not known. Based on the fact that she was a vet doctor and worked at Dr. Pol’s clinic as well as casted as a reality TV star, she must have made quite a net worth. Our estimate is that her net worth is somewhere in between 500K to 1 million dollars.


Written by Suddl

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