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    Frightening Facts about Gonorrhea

    Gonorrhea is the second most common sexually transmitted disease (STD) in the US. Gonorrhea causes pain when urinating, discharge, sore throat, fever, and achiness. Some of its symptoms are ignored because they’re associated with other illnesses, and some cases of gonorrhea are asymptomatic. Gonorrhea is no celebratory matter. It has us scared for more reasons […] More

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    Weird Tricks to Make Your Life Easier

      We all know that things like exercise and a proper diet are important for a healthy lifestyle, but in a world where everyone’s looking for the easy route, those don’t always cut it. Instead, we need to see improvement immediately. So buckle up. Here are some weird tricks and facts that can help you […] More

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    Things You Didn’t Know About The Berlin Wall

    The Berlin Wall was one of the most defining symbols of the Cold War. The Soviet Union and East Germany called it Die anti-Faschistischer Schutzwall (“Anti-fascist Protective Wall”). According to them, the wall was necessary to stop Western spies from sneaking into East Berlin. At the same time, it would stop West Berliners from traveling […] More

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    Tales from the Production of the Original ‘Star Wars’

    Now that we’ve all had time to digest the latest in the Star Wars series and compare it to both the original trilogy and the prequels, we’re kind of realizing that there’s really nothing new about The Force Awakens—it just recycles old Star Wars content. The first Star Wars trilogy suddenly seems very original. And […] More

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    Times When Animals Held Grudges Against Humans and Took Revenge

    Few instances where animals apparently held grudges against humans and retaliated are down below. A Tiger Tracked Down and Killed the Poacher Who Shot It Getting on the nerves of an apex predator like a Tiger is a very bad idea and could have some seriously undesirable consequences. Russian poacher Vladimir Markov found out […] More

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    Things You Ought To Know

    These are some of the most interesting facts handpicked from “the Book of the Common Ignorance” written by John Lloyd, and forwarded by English broadcaster and entertainer, Stephen Fry. Henry VIII How many wives did Henry VIII have? The answer? Two, not six. Henry’s fourth marriage to Anne was annulled, as the marriage was […] More

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    Unsolved Mysteries That Confound the Art World

    The world of art is not only stunning sight to behold but it is also filled with various mysteries. Some related to their creators while others are comprised of the thefts of these masterful art pieces. From the beautiful world of art we bring to you some of the unsolved mysteries that confound the art. […] More

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    Amazing Things Seen For the First Time in the Animal World

    The animal world is filled with many amazing fauna and flora emerging each year and these creatures also present rather bizarre habits to their researchers. Some of the most wonderful discoveries of animal kingdom are also the weirdest ones. Some of these amazing things seen for the first time in animal world are as follows. […] More

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