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    Laziest Genius People on the Planet

    People are always looking for shortcuts while doing day to day activities. They tend to find ways in which they can make dinner faster, better organize their homes, or sneak in more time for themselves? They are seeking to save their time and energy anyhow. In pursuit of that, they discover complicated yet genius ways […] More

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    Funny Photos Caught on Planes

    Whether you’re on board a long or short flight, the experiences, sights, people you met, and food you eat are all different. No one is ever the same. And thanks to the technology which exists in this very social era, a lot of these moments are captured instantly. Funny or weird or unbelievable, we’ve got […] More

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    Photos That’ll Make You Scream WTH! Directly At Your Screen

    People do all sorts of crazy things. However sometimes they take their absurdity to whole another level. Today we present to you a list of photos of people who are either doing crazy things or have already done them that will make you scream directly at the screen the three magic words; WHAT THE HELL. […] More

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    Gravity-Defying Sculptures That Will Make You Wonder

    Art is supposed to challenge us. Challenge our beliefs, our prejudices and even our concepts of what we believe to be possible. Sculptures are a great medium for this, as they allow the artist to play tricks on the eye and mess with the viewer’s concepts of logic. This collection of sculptures, compiled by us, do […] More

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    Greatest Baby Photobombs Ever

    Just what the Internet needs. More baby photos! And these aren’t just your typical Facebook baby photos. These are funny photobombs! Funny baby photobombs to be more precise. These are photos of miniature humans who can’t form cohesive thoughts, yet they still know how to execute perfect photobomb. Most people can agree that mastering the […] More

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    Terrible Parking Jobs That Will Trigger Secondhand Rage

    The saying goes that many people should not be allowed to drive, and these bad parking photos illustrate that saying without anyone even behind the wheel. Lots, curbs, and garages across the world suffer every day at the hands of terrible parking jobs, their jobs made that much harder by people who couldn’t handle their […] More

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