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    Fascinating Psychedelic Drugs

    Psychedelics are drugs that cause visual or auditory hallucinations and altered state of consciousness upon consumption. Some of the most fascinating psychedelic drugs in world are as follows. LSD It was first synthesized by Albert Hofmann in 1938 accidentally when he absorbed some by his skin. The drug causes feelings of hallucinations and Euphoria […] More

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    Incredible Ways Nature Beat Us in Technology

    While the human kind has made some huge accomplishments in nearly every field of science abut most of the times these new innovations in technology have been all due to the inspiration from the nature. Today we are going to let you know of some of the things that nature has taught us on how […] More

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    Chemical Reactions That Changed The World

    They say that all the things that are in this world and in the whole universe are a result to the chemical reactions of the various substances. So in a manner our whole being and everything around us falls into filed of chemistry. While our life may be surrounded by chemical reactions that we may […] More

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    Celebrity Death Hoaxes That Almost Fooled Us

    For our readers today we bring to you to the celebrity death hoaxes that almost fooled us. Some of these celebrities have been the center of their presumed death multiple times but nonetheless in the end these celebrities have turned out alive and well. Queen Elizabeth II With her current age of 92 years, […] More

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    Major Historical Figures and Their Failed Attempts at Writing

    It is always not necessary that the novels are to be written by some great name of literature. There had been few significant people of history who have also tried their hand in writing out some of the literary work but their efforts all turned out to be disastrous in the end. despite the nature […] More

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    Legendary Treasures Still Waiting To Be Found

    The concept of Lost Legendary treasure seems a little unorthodox to hear in this modern world. However you cannot be more wrong as there are plenty of hidden treasures from the olden times that are still waiting to b found by some lucky treasure hunter. Some f these legendary treasures that are still waiting to […] More

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    Fascinating Snapshots from World War II

    There had been nearly millions of photographs taken from the World War 2 ear but only a handful of them had became famous wand all that is due to the fascinating facts surrounding their origins. Some of these fascinating snapshots from World War 2 with their fascinating origin stories are down below. The Nazi Muslim […] More

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