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Chrysti Ane – Bio, Family, Net Worth In 2021

Chrystiane Lopes commonly known as Chrysti Ane is a Brazilian actress and model. She is known for her role as the Pink Ranger Sarah Thompson on the American television series “Power Rangers Ninja Steel”. Passionate about sports, Ane started out as a model and specializes in fitness modeling.

After posting a series of posts on Instagram, he collaborated with the American company Fitonomy to post fitness videos, thereby enhancing his image as a fitness enthusiast. At the same time, she continued her acting career and appeared in “Malhacao” and “A Housekeeper’s Revenge”. After taking on these small roles, Ane took on the role of Pink Ranger on the popular TV series “Power Rangers Ninja Steel” and made a breakthrough. This not only gave him a better understanding of the industry but also increased his visibility in the media.

She recently made headlines after announcing information about her pregnancy and her relationship with actor Ryan Guzman. Besides acting, Ane is also a successful entrepreneur. She is the co-owner of an upscale fashion boutique and runs her own website that offers fitness guides. He currently lives in Los Angeles.

Today we will be letting our readers know all that they need to know about Chrysti Ane.

Real Name:- 

Chrystiane Lopes


Chrysti Ane






Physical Stats:-

This portion of the celebrity’s bio will help you get acquainted with the physical attributes of importance that you might want to know.

Chrysti Ane is a 27 years old gorgeous ladies that has all the charms that any hot Brazilian girl can have if you ask us then to be honest she looks as if a Brazilian version of Megan Foxx. Considering the fact that she is a model and an actress, she has maintained her figure well. With the innocent looks coupled with the elegant body curves, she is just the right depiction of a deadly beauty.

Personal life:-

For personal life, we have carefully selected all the necessary items ranging from date of birth to their family tree that can be of importance to the fans.

  • Chrysti Ane began her acting career by studying acting at the famous Speiser / Sturgess acting studio in Los Angeles. Since then, she first appeared in “Malhacao” in 2013.
  • She then played Kayla as a supporting role in the 2014 TV movie “A Housekeeper’s Revenge.” Around the same time, Ane’s Instagram photos gradually attracted people’s attention with an emphasis on fitness & exercise.
  • As a fitness model, her influence on social media has increased tremendously. Soon, she cooperated with the American fitness company Fitonomy and a series of fitness videos appeared.
  • When she realized that many followers were looking for tips and advice on exercise, she started her YouTube channel and posted a video blog about exercise. This channel currently has more than 15,000 subscribers.
  • Ane opened her own website to expand her knowledge in the field of fitness and later launched an app. The site is focused on providing exercise guides for men and women, and the app helps clients track their exercise.
  • Annie’s defining moment occurred when she was cast as the pink ranger Sarah Thompson on the American television series “Super Squad Ninja Steel” in 2017. Annie believes this is her most important role because she worked so hard on the audition.
  • Besides acting as a fitness model, Ane also has an entrepreneurial spirit. She is the co-owner of Luxmafia, a luxury fashion boutique.
  • She is also a popular influencer on social media, with 350,000 followers on Instagram and more than 29k followers on Twitter.

Date of Birth:-

July 26, 1993

Birth Place:-

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Zodiac Sign:-





A few of the facts about the life of Chrysti Ane are as follows.

  • Chrystiane Lopes was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on July 26, 1993. Although she lived in Brazil as an adult, she moved to the United States when she was eight years old.
  • As a child, she participated in many sports, but was the most passionate about dance, so she decided to dedicate herself to entertainment.
  • She is currently related to actor Ryan Guzman. Ane chose Instagram to announce that she is about to get pregnant.
  • Her hobbies include going to the gym and dancing.
  • She is also an arrogant adrenaline junkie and enjoys adventure sports like snowboarding, roller coasters, and motorcycle tours.

Net worth:-

Chrysti Ane is one of the well known Instagram influencers and fitness gurus in America with a decent following. When coupled this with her own acting and modeling career, she is bound to have made a substantial amount of money. As per reports, the estimated net worth of Chrysti Ane is somewhere in-between 2 to 3 million dollars. The better part of it comes from her modeling and acting jobs.

Family Tree:-

there is little known about the personal life of Chrysti Ane but whatever is know is below for you to read.

Father Name:-

The only thing we know about her father is that he is a Brazilian who moved with his family when Chrysti was only 8 to America.

Mother Name:-

not known.


not known.


She only has a single child from her relationship with the actor Ryan Guzman. Her son’s name is Mateo Lopes Guzman.


She only has known to be in one relationship in her life and that was with a Hollywood actor Ryan Guzman. If you don’t remember him then let us tell you. He is the guy who has been the famous dance movies Step-Up franchise.



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