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    Disturbing Facts about Popular Snack Foods

    While snacks have become important part of pour life as no leisure time or party goes without them but there are still some bizarre negative sides to many of these popular snacks. Some of the disturbing facts about popular snacks are as follows. Cheetos Mess With Your Mind Since 1970’s when Cheetos were first […] More

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    Strange but True Cases Involving Scarecrows

    Scarecrows are definitely creepy not only in appearance but also the idea behind them representing dying of land and the harvesting season. In addition to that, scarecrows have been the focus of many horror stories throughout Europe, Asia and USA in the past. Some of these strange but bizarre cases related to scarecrows are as […] More

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    Weird Things Nintendo Sold Before They Made Video Games

    This is for all the Nintendo game lovers pout there. You will be amazed to know that your favorite video game manufacture didn’t always manufacture video games instead they pretty much sold anything that they could sell and make a profit off. Some of these weird things that Nintendo sold before they got into game […] More

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    Amazing inventions by teenagers

    We know the talent is out there. We want to showcase the best teenage invention that amazed us. So here is the list. 19-year-old invents Ocean Cleanup Array For several years now, Inhabitat has been covering the efforts of  CEO Boyan Slat of the Netherlands, who at 19 years old invented an Ocean Cleanup Array, and we’re continually impressed […] More

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    Weirdest Celebrity Pastimes

    Everyone has their own unique way to pass their spare time some take up gardening some revert to coin collection or even stamp collecting. However some of the celebrities have taken up really weird pastime hobbies and some of these are as follows. George Clooney Makes Shoes George Clooney once in an interview revealed that […] More

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    Bizarre Failed Energy Sources

    Energy is the main crisis of this world. For now we solely depend upon energy from petrol, electricity or gas but in the past there had been various tries o take renewable source of energy from unexpected sources. Some of these bizarre failed energy sources are as follows. Coal Gas Vehicles During World War I, […] More

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    Body Parts That you didn’t knew but Are Secretly Awesome

    While we all know main body parts that have either important functions to carry out like heart, bran and lungs and some are there for aesthetic appeal. However the human body is actually full of amazing body parts that might not be that much appealing or that much visible are still rather amazing. Some of […] More

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    Rare Finds From Mass Graves and Battlefields

    There have been few rare finds that archeologist or myth lovers have uncovered from the mass graves and battlefields. For our readers some of these amazing finds are as follows. The True Age of HBV HBV (Hepatitis B Virus) claims almost 1 million lives per year by actively affecting liver. The oldest record of HBV […] More

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