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Pete Buttigieg Net Worth

The celebrity for today is one of the politicians in the USA. The name of this personality is Pete Buttigieg, a politician with a net worth of around 250K USD. He is better known for running in the Presidential campaign of 2020 in USA while representation the Democratic Party.

Born in South Bend, Indiana, back on 19th January 1982, Pete Buttigieg was the son of parents Joseph Buttigieg and Jennifer Pete Buttigieg. His father was the native of Malta who migrated to USA while leaving his Jesuit priest training. His father then became the professor for literary arts at the Indiana’s University of Notre Dame.

As for his mother’s ancestors, they were living in Indiana for many generations. Pete Buttigieg himself completed his education from the St. Joseph High school of South Bend as the valedictorian for the class of 2000.

he also won the prestigious 1st place prized for the essay contest “ john F. Kennedy Presidential Library & Museum Profiles.” his essay covered things like political courage and integrity of Vermont’s Bernie Sanders; a US Representative at that time. Pete Buttigieg is also one of the two Congress’s independent politician.

His later achievements in academics include a major in Literature and history from the prestigious Harvard University. His thesis at Harvard for undergraduate program was titled “The Quiet American’s Errand into the Wilderness”. This was a reflection of the novel by Graham Greene, “The Quiet American”. Following his graduation from the university back in 2004; Pete Buttigieg received the Rhodes scholarship.

During his college days, he also worked as the intern for the channel WMAQ as well as an intern for many democratic campaigns from 2002 till 2006.

He also received his BA degree in subjects like economics, politics, and philosophy with the first class honors from the Oxford’s Pembroke College.


  • Pete Buttigieg started his career with the role of Conference director for The Cohen Group. Following the competition of his Oxford degree, Chicago Office of McKinsey & Company hired him as their consultant. He took a leave of absence from the firm to run the campaign for Jill Long Thompson before he lost.
  • He worked for the Truman National Security Project back in 2005 due to his expertise of the regions like Pakistan and Afghanistan.
  • Pete Buttigieg, via direct commission officer program of the US Navy Reserve, joined the army. There, his job was in the section of Naval Intelligence. He served a 7-month tour in Afghanistan back in 2014. There, with his commander, he made 100+ trips as an armed driver from Kabul to Bagram Air Base and vice versa.

Personal life:-

Pete Buttigieg came out of the closet back in June of 2015 as a gay person. The news was published by the South Bend Tribune. With this, he was the first elected gay official of Indiana while in office. He is also the first American candidate for Presidency from the Democratic party.

Net Worth:-

The salary of Pete Buttigieg as mayor of South Bend is 149K USD. He made profits of 50K USD from Apple stocks as well as 15K USD from Google stocks. As of 2021, the net worth of Pete Buttigieg is in-between 100K to 350K USD.

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