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Tony Hinchcliffe – Bio, Family, Net Worth In 2021

Humor is also a kind of talent as it is not easy for anyone to make people laugh. Don’t believe with our theory then see how many comedians have a failed career. But if there is one guy that proved that he has a real talent at making people laugh, it is Tony Hinchcliffe and today, our bio will be all about him.

Tony Hinchcliffe is one of the best comedians slash writers of the current modern times in America. Born back in 1984, Tony always had a gift when it comes to jokes and hilarious comments. His talent got him into the entertainment industry as he is a long time writer for the series “Comedy Central Roast”. In many of his onstage performances, the best one was for being a roaster at the roast of none other than the legendry “Snoop Dogg” back in 2016 at Fusion.

The main forte of Tony Hinchcliffe in humor is the insult comedy what we nowadays call roasting. His dark comedy has been well-received by the audience for many years. People love to see him talk and he delivered it with his very own comedy podcast by the name “Kill Tony”. Netflix also took notice of Tony Hinchcliffe and they gave him a 1 Hour Stand-Up Comedy Special titled “One Shot” in 2016.

If you wish to learn more about the life of Tony Hinchcliffe, we advise you to stick here and read below.

Real Name:- 

Tony Hinchcliffe


The Golden Pony


Comedian & a Writer



Date of Birth:-

8th June 1984

Birth Place:-

Youngstown, Ohio, USA

Zodiac Sign:-




Physical Stats:-

Tony Hinchcliffe is a 36 years old young American man who is known more for his silver tongue than his looks. He is your average-looking American male with black hair and a skinny body that stands tall at a height of 5 feet 9 inches and a weight of 60kg. One thing great about Tony Hinchcliffe is that he likes to dress p sharply for his comedic performances and that makes him a total babe magnet when combined with his humor.

Personal life:-

Information regarding the early life and the career development of Tony Hinchcliffe is all in this section.

  • Tony Hinchcliffe was born in a little town called Youngstown located in Ohio, USA. He was raised by a single mother and completed his early education from the Ursuline High School in 2002.
  • In an interview, Tony Hinchcliffe said that the town he grew up in was a tough place for a kid and his roasting skills developed as a defense. He also said that oftentimes; kids would beat him up for his insulting skills. In fact, he got beat up on his first day of school and that too on the school bus.
  • Tony started his purist for a comedic career in 2007 in LA where he started performing at many open mic venues with one special being “The Comedy Store”. While there, he was also working as the phone operator and at a cover booth before they made him a regular.
  • During that time, he was opening up for stand-up artists like Jeff Ross and Joe Rogan.
  • During his time at The Comedy Store, Tony Hinchcliffe was known for his intense roasting style where he dragged other artists and even the audience in the mix. His roasting style caught the attention of Jeff Ross aka “The Roastmaster General”. Jeff Ross took Tony Hinchcliffe to his TV comedy series titled “Comedy Central Roast” and to this day Tony considers Jeff Ross as his teacher and mentor who got him his first job of writing roasts.
  • During his time there, Tony has written roasts about Ob Lowe, Justin Bieber, and James Franco.
  • Other than this, Tony Hinchcliffe has written for the comedy show titled “The Burn With Jeff Ross”. He also made an appearance as one of the contestants for the first season of a comedy roast competition series “Jeff Ross present Roast Battle”.
  • Tony Hinchcliffe, since 2013 has been hosting a podcast show “kill Tony”. This is a weekly show that is recorded at “The Comedy Store”. For this podcast show, he and Brian Redban both are the judges for the new comedians at the venue. This podcast has a live stream on YouTube.
  • His biggest roasting stint was in 2016 when he was one of the roasters for “Roast of Snoop Dogg” streamed by All Def Digital via Fusion Network.
  • In 2016, Tony Hinchcliffe started another podcast “The Pony Hour” a clever take on Tony Hinchcliffe’s nickname The Golden Pony.
  • In the very same year 2016, Tony Hinchcliffe got his 1 hour special stand up from Netflix titled “One Host. The name of this special was named this because the entire thing was shot in a single take and with a single camera without any editing.
  • He took the Monster Energy sponsored “Outbreak Tour in 2017. He was the headliner of this tour with which he visited for 22 days in 20 US cities.


  • Talking to a comedian is like talking to a deciphering master as they confuse the people in thinking whether the comedian is telling the truth or not. Tony Hinchcliffe has the same quality; especially whenever asked about his relationship status. He always talks about a wife and girlfriend but never revealed any identity of either of them. Judging by all his appearances in the media limelight, he appears to be a single man.
  • In 2011, a rumor started stating that Tony Hinchcliffe was gay by sexual orientation. He addressed these rumors about him by saying that he is 100% Straight guy.
  • Tony Hinchcliffe refers to his parents with a witty name “The Mafia” who supported Tony during his tough career times.

Net worth:-

Most comedians do not earn the money like the old ones but it seems that Tony Hinchcliffe has a knack for this as well. As of 2020, his estimated net worth is about 10 million dollars. He has earned this money from his TV shows and his tours. He also has a YouTube channel with his popular podcasts like “Kill Tony” and the “The Pony Show”. Both these podcasts also add substantial revenue to his overall annual income.

Family Tree:-

There is very little information available about the family of Tony Hinchcliffe.

Father Name:-

Not known.

Mother Name:-

His mother’s name is not known but it is known that she raised Tony Hinchcliffe and his younger brother as a single mother. She has since then remarried and Tony Hinchcliffe calls his family as “Mafia”.


He has a younger brother who moved with him in 2007 to LA. Tony says that his mother and brother supported him during his early years as a comedian.


He currently has no children.

Relationships & Affairs:-

There are rumors about him being gay which he has been defending since 2011. As for his relationship, he has been giving snarky replies like having a wife and a girlfriend but never has been seen with anyone in public.

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