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Valeri Bure – Bio, Family, Net Worth In 2021

Valeri Bure is a Russian-American ice hockey player. Bull was born in Russia and immigrated to the United States with his family when he was young to play hockey. Before retiring and operating a brewery in California, he finally achieved a 14-year ice hockey career, playing for the National Hockey League (NHL) and the Russian national team.

He also participated in a figure skating reality show and won the competition. Bure’s brother, Pavel, is also a well-known ice hockey player, while the brothers hold the “NHL” record together. Both brothers praised their father, who was once an “Olympian” swimmer, with his indomitable professional ethics. Bure is currently married to actress Candace Cameron Bure. The couple has three children.

Real Name:- 

Valeri Vladimirovich Val Bure


Valeri Bure


Ice Hockey Player



Date of Birth:-

June 13th 1974

Birth Place:-

Moscow, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union

Zodiac Sign:-




Personal life:-

  • From the 1990 to 1991 season, Buhl briefly played in the “Soviet Champions League” of the “HC CSKA Moscow” (“Red Army” team).
  • When Pavel signed with the Vancouver Canucks, Valeri played with the Spokane Chiefs of the Western Hockey League (WHL), making history for the first Russian players to participate in the league.
  • In his first season (1991-1992), Bure scored 49 points from 53 games, thus establishing a reputation as a “good competitor”. This resulted in the “Montreal Canadiens” selecting him as part of the second-round pick in the 1992 “NHL Draft”.
  • He returned to the “Spokane” team in the 1992-1993 season, leading the team to second place in the “WHL”. He also set a franchise record for the “Spokane Chiefs,” scoring 68 goals, and the end result was the “WHL West Division No. 1 All-Star” team.
  • Although he was trained as “Canadian”, he returned to the “Chiefs” team in the 1993-1994 season and served as the last stop for the “WHL”. As a result, he was selected as a member of the “Second All-Star Game” team for his work and placed fourth on the “Boss” all-time high score list.
  • In 1994, he participated in international competitions for the first time, playing for Russia’s junior and senior teams at the 1994 “World Junior Championships” (his team won a bronze medal) and the “World Championships”.
  • In February 1998, it was changed to the “Calgary Fire”, a move that it welcomed. Bure played better in the fight for “Flames” and is arguably one of their scoring champions. Bure scored his first hat trick with them. He has won 4 consecutive games for “Flame”.
  • He participated in the “Olympics” for the first time in 1998 and played for Russia with “Pavel”. His team won the silver medal.
  • His performance allowed him to participate in the 2000 “All-Star Game” and he also played with “Pavel”. Later that season, he created “Valerie” Frahms “goal and” Pavel “” Florida Panthers “goals (93 goals), a group of brothers against most” NHL “record goals.
  • From the beginning of the 2000-2001 season, his ability to score began to decline, and he finally had a strategic battle with one of the coaches, who insisted that he switch to defense. Bure expressed interest in the transaction and the “Florida Leopards” (Pavel’s team) acquired it in June 2001.
  • Delays in contract negotiations and ongoing injuries eventually led to him needing surgery, preventing him from working for most of the 2001-2002 season. Due to a wrist injury, his mood will remain depressed next season. As a result, he was briefly traded to Louis Blues, another injury that prevented him from participating in the game.
  • He returned to the “Olympics” in 2002 and won the Russian bronze medal.
  • He returned to the Panthers injury-free in the 2003-2004 season and his offensive ability was restored. Although he was their top scorer, he was traded to the “Dallas Stars” in 2004 because the “Black Panthers” weren’t in the playoffs.
  • Although he signed a one-year contract with the “Los Angeles Kings” in the 2005-2006 season, he was unable to play and withdrew due to increased injuries.
  • Bure came to the fore on the 2010 figure skating reality show “Blade War.” He was paired with Ekaterina Gordeeva (Ekaterina Gordeeva), won the game, and received a $ 100,000 prize.


  • He married Candace CameronBure, the “Full House” star and conservative spokesperson, on June 22, 1996. Valeri and Candace are devout Christians. They have three children, Natasha, Lev, and Maxim.
  • In December 2001, he became a US citizen. This means that you can return to Russia without being drafted into the army.
  • For reasons of his family, he noted that he retired in 2005.
  • The athlete and his wife opened a coffee shop called “Milk and Honey Cafe” in Florida in 2007, then ventured into the food and hospitality industry, then moved to California to manage a winery in Napa Valley.
  • Bure was named a member of the WHL’s ‘First All-Star’ and ‘Second All-Star’ team in the 1992-1993 and 1993-1994 seasons.
  • In 1994, he became a member of the “World Youth All-Star” team and later participated in the 1999 “NHL All-Star” competition.
  • Bure and his brother Pavel held the “NHL” record, with the most goals scored by brothers and sisters.
  • The famous Bure brothers receive two exercises from their father every day, and their careers began in the “NHL.”
  • At 5 minutes and 10 seconds, he was considered a small figure in “NHL.” He was called part of the “Smurf Line” along with two similarly sized “Montreal” teammates.
  • The Bure family originated from Furna, Switzerland. They have a good reputation as suppliers and manufacturers of watches to the Russian Tsar, and have a history of more than a century. Considering their closeness to the royal family, Bure’s ancestors were granted noble status.
  • Both Candace and Valeri hope to help their children become familiar with Russian culture. Val spoke to them mainly in Russian.

Net worth:-                             

The net worth of Valeri Bure as of this year is 14 million dollars.

Family Tree:-

Father Name:-

Vladimir Bure

Mother Name:-

Tatiana Bure


Pavel Bure


  • Lev Valerievich Bure
  • Maksim Valerievich Bure
  • Natasha Bure

Relationships & Affairs:-

He is married to Candace Cameron-Bure since 1996.

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