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Angela Magana – Bio, Family, Net Worth In 2021

Angela Magana is a Comprehensive Martial Artist (MMA) from the United States and participated in the strawweight department of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. From living on the streets of Los Angeles, enjoying heroin, surviving a difficult childhood to becoming a UFC star, Angel Magana’s life story will inspire you to overcome all difficulties and live a dream life. She began working under the nickname “Your Majesty” and began her mixed martial arts career in 2007. With great enthusiasm and enthusiasm, she took a place in the wrestling federation.

She continues to compete for UF and UFC. Angela rightly claims to be a champion of life, but don’t forget to fight. The horror he survived, he was very happy to survive. She found a natural character in mixed martial arts, which became her way out of all her stress and mental trauma. She did, and although life was still rude to her, she went back to her story. However, her personal life has always attracted more media attention than her MMA career.

Real Name:- 

Angela Magana



Your Majesty


Mixed Martial Artist (MMA)



Date of Birth:-

August 2nd, 1983

Birth Place:-

Farmington, New Mexico, USA

Zodiac Sign:-




Personal life:-

  • Angela began her MMA career at the “Gladiator Challenge” against Tial Castillo on March 23, 2007. She won the first round of via a KTO.
  • When she approached Jessica Aguilar (Jessica Aguilar), her first failure occurred. She won the next two battles by surrendering.
  • Angela played another match with Jessica at WFC 6, and Angela lost again due to a controversial submission. Angela claimed that Jessica’s blood flowed to her eyes, so she also went to the deliverer. The reissue was confused with the verbal presentation.
  • She faced Nicdali Rivera-Calanoc at FCF 19 and won the game by split decision.
  • Angela defeated Jessica by majority vote in the first round of the 2009 HOOKnSHOOT Wrestling Grand Prix.
  • In the semi-finals of the “HnS GFight2009 Grand Prix”, she later faced and defeated Van Do with her face uncovered. However, she defeated Lisa Huga by unanimous decision in the final.
  • She also faced “Invicta FC Atomic Weight Champion” Jessica Penne via submission.
  • She came back on a winning streak and won the next three games, including one against Barb Honchak.
  • Angela also participated in the Strawweight Championship on The Ultimate Fighter TUF 20.
  • In the sixth episode of “Ultimate Fighting”, he faced Aisling Daly and lost via KTO in the third round.
  • Angela made her debut in the “Ultimate Fighting 20 Finals”, facing Tecia Torres. It was defeated by unanimous decision.
  • She returned to face former “Atomic Weight Champion Invicta FC” Michelle Waterson in “Ultimate Warrior” (21), but failed because she gave up.
  • On December 2, 2017, she will face the ultimate fighter: Joanna and Claudia, runners-up Amanda Cooper at UFC 218.



  • Angela lived a difficult life, from living on the streets to losing her mother. Since she was a child, she had to work hard to keep her balance.
  • She even fell back in 2007 after falling down the stairs, but she was determined to lead a strong life – that is, shortly after recovering from her back, she returned to the cage to fight.
  • When that did not stop her from realizing her dream, life brought her a fatal scene. While filming the documentary, she encountered two terrible car accidents.
  • She explained that when he encountered the first accident, she was preparing for the battle with Carla Esparza. Her second accident was more serious. The cameraman lost her thumb, was in a coma for two or three days, and then spent ten days in the hospital.
  • Doctors thought she couldn’t walk, let alone fight, but she was a warrior her entire life, Angela saw it as a challenge and trained harder to restore her life.
  • She fought again and won. She knew how it felt: everything was lost in the blink of an eye, so, as usual, she chose to fight rather than give up.
  • She is also the single mother of Delilah Magana. No information has been found on the father, but she is said to be fighting for custody of her daughter.
  • Initially, she used to live in Thailand with Delilah, but after her daughter’s father filed a complaint, she had to move to the United States. She currently lives in Puerto Rico with her daughter.
  • There are also rumors that she was engaged to someone, but fate also interfered with her love life and the fiancé died before they were married.
  • There is a dispute between Angela and MMA fighter Cris Cybor, Angela Billy’s puppet in Cris Cyborg and Saw Billy the Puppet. The humor was managed by Cris himself and turned into a fight. Some witnesses even claimed that Magnana was beaten by Chris and lost her tooth.
  • Angela said she will be charged for beating up her nemesis. The matter is notorious, but it is still being discussed in the wrestling business.
  • Recently, even during Hurricane Irma, she refused to leave her home in Puerto Rico, even if the police warned her to do so.

Net worth:-

As of this year, the official net worth of Angela Magana is around 1 million dollars. This is the net worth that this female MMA fighter earned through the winnings from her many fights. Some of this also includes the money earned from various brand endorsements.

Family Tree:-

Father Name:-

Not known

Mother Name:-

Although the name of her mother is not known, it is known that her mother was a heroin addict living in the slums of Los Angeles.

She lived a very impoverished life until her grandparents took her custody and raised her.


She might have other siblings but she does not know about them after her grandparents took her custody.


She only has one daughter named Delilah Magana.

Relationships & Affairs:-

Angela Magna had a daughter with an unknown man but the name of the said man is not made public. It is rumored that while her daughter, Delilah Magana lives with Angela Magna, Angela is stoill fighting the legal battle for custody.

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