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An Engineer Shared A Video As He Turned Christmas Tree Lights Into A Snake Game Which He Controlled With A PS4 Controller

People often come up with amazing ideas for their Christmas tree decorations and one of them is Jordy Moos; an engineer living in Netherlands, who recently went viral for his transformation of the Christmas tree lights into a playable snake game.

If anyone of you is bored with your ordinary Christmas Tree Lights then you need to follow the example of the engineer Jordy Moos. Jordy converted the Christmas tree lights into a game that could be played directly on the Christmas tree.


Jordy came up with an idea of transforming the Christmas Tree Lights into a game and then turned to Twitter to ask public for what game should he create for his tree. After quite a lot of people suggested the game “Snake”, he started programming it and created it especially for the tree.


As per Jordy, this whole project took him a total of 100 hours to complete. Moos said that he suffered many delays after some of his kittens took out few of the LEDs and then knocked down the camera.


This game made to play on the Christmas tree lights is really simple as one can play it with their PS4 controllers for moving the red snake. The purpose of the game is to move the snake for collecting the apples without biting its own body.


Moos wrote on his Twitter account, “The apples you need to collect are actually the lit Christmas balls. How cool is that?”


After moos finished the project and shared it over internet, it instantly got viral and people loved this brilliant idea for Christmas Tree Lights. Well, who would not love to play a game right on the Christmas tree?

In fact this idea form this creative programmer was so liked by others that he even went on to create the full tutorial on how to create it.

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