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Times when ordinary people were photobombed by celebrities

Not only friends or random people on streets Photobomb you, but even celebrities also can’t seem to hold themselves back from photobombing others.

If you have a chance to meet with your favorite celebrity, you might shyly walk close to them and ask nervously either for an autograph or to take a picture with you. However, this is not the case for the people in this list. You don’t have to ask for these celebrities to take photos with you, they gladly jumped into a selfie shot even when they were not asked to do so.

You cannot blame these celebrities for jumping in front of your selfie and steal the limelight because they are so much used to being in front of the camera. For them, it is just a reflex.

So scroll down to look at some of the A-list Photobombs by the renowned Hollywood royalty.

I tried to take a photo with my baby, but some idiot has ruined it


Guy wanted to take a pic in front of Microsoft Sign, but then Bill Gates happened

Microsoft Sign

A fan takes a photo with Modern Family’s Ty Burrell, Epic photobomb by Bryan Cranston

Bryan Cranston

Arnold Schwarzenegger photobombs tourists in front of the Eiffel Tower

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Photobomb level over 9000


Old man with cigar spoiled the photo with celebrity


Just a selfie with Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen

So annoying when people photobomb my selfies


Sometimes you see Justin Timberlake in concert… sometimes he photobombs you

Justin Timberlake

Nice photobomb, Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau

An epic photobomb By Ken Jeong

Ken Jeong

We got photobombed by Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad) at a Coachella

Aaron Paul

Norman Reedus Photobomb

Norman Reedus

My uncle, cousin and grandparents getting photobombed by Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa

Got photobombed by Matt Garza

Matt Garza

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