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The Trust Exercise; failed to tell him which way to fall

The world trust means to put the safety and well being of your own self into the hands of another human being or even an animal.

Trust is the one thing that allows us to bond with others and make the best decisions of life. This is why many of the corporate and multinational companies conduct trust building workshops amongst their employees across the world. The purpose is to make them trust in each other along with trusting in the decisions of their supervisors for the progressiveness of the company or the business.

The same thing is conducted by the Churches but their purpose is to solely build the trust in their fellow humans that they will not harm them or help them get through the troubled parts of life.

In our today’s video, we present to you one such trust exercises. The exercise was simple as usual.


One person was going to stand atop a table and few fellow participants were to stand behind him. The man standing atop the table would let himself fall down backwards into the arms of his fellows.


However, nobody instructed the falling man as to in which direction he should fall.

falling man

Well, let us not ruin the fun out of it by telling the whole thing.

Just watch what happens down below.

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