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Accel World (otherwise called AkuseruWārudo in Japanese) is a Japanese action romance anime TV series that depends on a similar name’s light novel series. Composed by Reki Kawahara and represented by HIMA, the light-novel series was first distributed on February 10, 2009, and after a year, it is adjusted into a manga series. The manga series was first broadcast on April 10, 2010, and it was then gotten for an anime TV series. In this way, after two years, on April 7, 2012, Season 1 of Accel World advanced toward watchers’ screens, and from that point forward, fanatics of the show and the source material have been sitting tight for news on Season 2.

Release date of Accel World Season 2

Accel World season 1 debuted on April 7, 2012, and completed broadcasting on September 22, 2012. Nearly around a similar time, two special episodes (OVA) under Accel World EX were released on September 13, 2012, and January 31, 2013. After three years, an anime film with a unique storyline, named Accel World: InfiniteBurst, was released on July 23, 2016. Further, Accel World has a side project show called Accel World, which was broadcasted between July 25, 2012, and February 27, 2013.

However, despite every one of these indications of the show’s strong interest, this series’s second season is yet to be affirmed, regardless of seven years since its debut. Attributable to how anime shows are typically restored inside a time of five years, this is dampening. Nonetheless, don’t lose all expectations yet, as there’s a remote possibility that Accel World will restore. When we think about the ‘Accel World season 2’ release date, we will refresh this segment.

The plot of Accel World

In the same way as other anime shows, Accel World blends reality and virtual reality to convey a drawing in a story to its watchers.

The show revolves around a tormented and overweight center school understudy called HaruyukiArita, who has the best social aptitudes and discovers comfort in playing online computer games. Haruyuki is a somewhat proficient player and invests wholeheartedly in his gaming abilities. Nonetheless, his life gets entirely flipped around one day when he finds that a young lady called Kuroyukihime, the famous VP of the understudy board, has beaten all his high scores.


Haruyuki is at a misfortune regarding how Kuroyukihime figured out how to beat him. However, he gets some lucidity when she brings him to the students’ parlor. At the point when Haruyuki meets Kuroyukihime, she acquaints him with a program called “Mind Burst,” which permits its clients to quicken their cerebrum waves to a point where time appears to halt. Further, Kuroyukihimelikewise reveals to Haruyuki that Brain Burst is an enlarged reality (AR) battling game. To get focuses to quicken their minds, clients must win duels against different clients. However, if a client loses their guides inferable from misfortunes against others, they can’t utilize the Brain Burst program until the end.

While Haruyuki is intrigued, he neglects to comprehend why Kuroyukihime acquainted him with the program. Kuroyukihime then clarifies that she picked Haruyukibecause she needs assistance to reveal the explanation for the making of Brain Burst and the character of its creator(s). This, however, is a long way, and Kuroyukihime needs to utilize Haruyuki’s ability in gaming to crush the “Six Kings of Pure Color,” the heads of a fantastic group inside the game. Further, if the pair is ever to accomplish their objective, they need to arrive at level 10, which is the most extraordinary feasible level in the game.

Even though Haruyuki is unconvinced at first, Kuroyukihime encourages him to manage the harassers in school. Haruyuki, to give back in kind, pledges to make every effort to enable Kuroyukihime to accomplish her central goal. At that point, the show follows Haruyuki and Kuroyukihime as they attempt and beat the Six Kings of Pure Color to achieve their primary goal.

The characters of Accel World Season 2

Despite having many characters, just four characters are fundamental to the plot of Accel World. Beneath, we’ve given you a brief introduction of every one of them.


HaruyukiArita: The show’s main male hero, Haruyuki, is an overweight center school understudy who has been the subject of bullying for quite a long time. Inferable from being a consistent objective of tormenting in school, Haruyuki loathes reality without question and wants to invest his energy in web computer games. A splendid gamer from primary school, Haruyuki has a serious standing on the web. Notwithstanding, his disconnected life changes when he meets the lovely Kuroyukihime, the VP of the understudy gathering and one of the most refined young ladies in school. Kuroyukihime acquaints him with Brain Burst, and Haruyuki is pushed into a hazardous and energizing web-based round of murder or be executed.

Kuroyukihime: The show’s main female character, Kuroyukihime, is the excellent and famous VP of the students’ chamber. Quiet, tolerant, and incredibly proficient, Kuroyukihime has top to bottom information on the universe of Brain Burst, having been a member in the program for quite a long time. While Kuroyukihime is generally quiet and patient, she can be amazingly discourteous and forceful whenever pushed excessively. Later in the show, it is uncovered that Kuroyukihime is the former character in Brain Burst known as the Black King. She is likewise demonstrated to be a splendid specialist, and later in the show, she begins to look all starry eyed at Haruyuki, stunned by his steady craving to prove her at any cost.

TakumuMayuzumi: An individual understudy of Haruyuki and Kuroyukihime, Takumu is another primary character. He is cordial with Haruyuki and near a young lady called Chiyuri and is fantastic both at scholastics and sports. Takumu is likewise knowledgeable with the Brain Burst program and is a splendid specialist who can concoct faultless techniques during battles inside the game. He is demonstrated to be a critical resource in Kuroyukihime’s group in Brain Burst.

ChiyuriKurashima: Haruyuki and Takuma’s cherished companion, Chiyuri is the show’s last fundamental character. Chiyuri is additionally essential for Kuroyukihime’s group in the realm of Brain Burst and is a proficient player who can support her colleagues and stand her ground in a battle. She is additionally demonstrated to be involved with Takumu, but it doesn’t influence her relationship with Haruyuki and Kuroyukihime.

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