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Babies Who Look Like Celebrities

Remember the animals that look like celebrities? How about the little kid that looks exactly like Danny DeVito? Well, this time, we’ve got a list of babies that look like celebrities!

From Jamie Oliver and Gandalf to Jay Z and Gordon Ramsey, we’ve included them all and their look-a-like babies in this list, compiled by us. Keep on scrolling to take a look.

This baby Looks like Danny Devito

Gordon Ramsay lookalike baby

Millie Bobbi Brown (Eleven from Stranger Things)


Ben Stiller (Derek from Zoolander)

John Legend

Ed Sheeran

Amy Schumer


Baby That Looks Like Patton Oswalt

He Looks Like Michael Cera

Friend’s Baby Looks Like A Mini Simon Pegg

This Baby Looks Like Conan O’Brien

Jenifer Garner

Baby Vladimir Putin

Garth Algar

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