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Cartoon Doppelgangers Spotted in Real Life

These photos of cartoon doppelgangers in real life are definitive proof that cartoon characters live among us. Sure, you could argue that they’re people who simply look like animated characters, but maybe there’s more to it than that. With all of the technological advances going on these days, is it crazy to think that characters from your favorite cartoon TV shows and animated films have figured out a way to cross over to this dimension? Take a look at these pictures of cartoons in real life and decide for yourself.

This Man Looks Like Carl From Up!

Real Life Grandma From Looney Tunes

Better Off Ned

Ratatouille’s Linguini In Real Life

Kid Looks Like Russel From Up!

My Boo

Toothless Kitteh

Mr. Burns

Real Life Jonny Bravo

Real Life Peter Griffin

Real life Jessica Rabbit

Real Life Elsa

Ogre Achiever

Girl After Plastic Surgery Looks Like Leela From Futurama

Dora Doppleganger

Papa Smurf

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