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Signs Bad Luck Is Always Lurking Around the Corner, Ready to Str

Some people are born lucky. While others say luck just passes them by. Does bad luck really exist or is it just our negative mental state that causes us to see the bad in everything that happens to us? Perhaps the key isn’t to focus on the issue at hand but to try to find the humor in rather unlucky situations?

We truly believe that not everything brings bad luck and this is evident in the photos you’re about to see!

You still want the cookie to crumble?

The hidden meaning

Michael Assbender

A simple bulb malfunction can ruin your sign board

Blunder in a nutshell

Oh, no…

Is this a caution sign?

Be ready to shell out your pockets!

Well, this is a new

Someone call the technician ASAP, please!

Is this where all the rejected stock is?

Who would want to visit such a museum?

Shop you’d recommend to those who did you wrong…

Liars and believers

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