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Funny Kid Photos That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Children are life’s little bundles of joy. And even when they personally aren’t particularly joyful, they’re at least making you laugh. Whether you have kids of your own and are looking to relate, or you just need a reminder that the children are our future—a future that’s currently lying on the kitchen floor eating food with dogs—these pictures of kids being wacky will make your day. So sit back, have a look, and be thankful it isn’t your kitchen that looks like that.

Time With Sis

Future rock and roller

Team Work, the most effective way to get a good snack

I only ate one

Price Check on Aisle Six

Face painting the little brother

Toilet Trouble

She was doing an art and craft project for school

Instead of coloring book, he decided to color in the spots of his dog

These kids like an extra bubbly bath

It wasn’t me I swear

It was dog who made me do this

How in the hell did she managed that?!

Kids love to express themselves

He is looking elsewhere

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