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Hilarious Photos Taken at the Right Time

Winning the lottery once is pretty rare, and winning it twice is exceptionally unlikely. Chances are, you probably won’t run into your long-lost childhood friend half-way across the globe 30 years later either. Life is full of improbabilities—but where there’s a chance, there’s a way.

It’s highly improbable that the folks involved in the incredibly unlikely events below expected to photograph eye-popping, goofy coincidences and perfectly timed moments. But nevertheless, they had their cameras ready and documented proof that, sometimes, the improbable can happen!

How do you pick your favorite teammate?

Why isn’t he stopping

Time really does fly.

The landing is going to hurt like hell

Holy smokes!

Only a wizard could capture on camera the exact moment a balloon burst


Clearly, the lady on the right didn’t read the morning Metro

The Horse bride

These weren’t the bridesmaids. Rather, all six of these women wore the same dress to the same wedding coincidentally

Troll king casually passes by

Super Kitty to the rescue

Well Shit!!!!

Where do you think you’re going?

Obama creates the Spirit Bomb

Get that thing out for the love of god

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