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People That Had One Job and Failed

Sometimes people just have one job to do and they still manage to screw it up. In fact, they manage to screw it up so bad it’s even difficult to believe they didn’t notice. Luckily, when you’re not the one who messed up it can be pretty funny.

Keep on scrolling to take a look at list of people who had one job and failed so miserably it’s hilarious. To be fair, everyone makes mistakes, but these mistakes… They just bring up one question: WHY?!

College of Planning

Whoever made this probably got promoted, too.

Looks like Jesus was working today

Forgot Something!

This is so annoying

Marie-Antoinette, is that you?

Good Job, Africa

This toy looks like it has Downs Syndrome

That’s one way to grab someone’s attention

This maze designer

When the designer works without days off

Terminator’s close relative

R — resourcefulness

Cheese me outside

Not so Super

The designer of this anti-smoking campaign who forgot they were designing for a school bus

Well done

It’s magic

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