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Photos That Prove Kids Are A Source of Entertainment

Have you ever left a child for alone for 5 minutes before wondering, “Why is it so quiet?” These people below were thinking the same thing.

Kids are a true joy in life and are the best source of entertainment that money can buy. But what if money can’t fix the aftermath? We have found amazing pictures that prove having kids’ means you never have to leave the house to be entertained again.

Kid who is wondering what happened to his lollipop

Party in the bathroom

She made her own Jacuzzi

What is he! Spiderman or Exorcist?

He’s wishing for long legs when he grows up

Kid with Big Butt

If you leave your laptop, it gets cleaned. Sort of.

Baby, who’s already heard enough

The Orc Child

I am trying this for the first time, how do i look?

The bored kid

Kid with Mad Game

Clearly not excited to be a Big Sis

Her throat was sore so she treated herself

None of the above

Looks like he’s ready to wreak some havoc on the valley below

This kid who is pretty proud he looks like Prince George

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